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Sports Teams - The Falcons

The Falcons Sports Programme

The TBS Falcons programme is designed to support our students in their education and growth at The British School. The programme is in line with the TBS Guiding Principles and Core Values, and complements the school’s Physical Education curriculum.

The Falcons teams regularly participate in tournaments involving other international schools in Brazil and South America. These are held for our Senior School students, from 12 to 18 years of age. School teams include boys’ and girls’ basketball, football, futsal, volleyball, as well as dance, represented by our cheerleaders’ programme. Other sporting teams may be available depending on interest from students.

Students from Year 7 upwards have the opportunity to participate and benefit from extra-curricular sporting activities that develop their skills while also learning how to be part of a team. Athletics and team sports give opportunities for students to develop skills and attitudes such as: time management; goal setting; resilience; a strong work ethic; leadership; collaboration; and sportsmanship. Through participation in the Falcons, students mature physically, mentally and emotionally. Involvement in the Falcons may also support students in their pursuit of further education through applications for scholarships in universities abroad.

Students are eligible to participate in the Falcons programme from Year 7 to Year 13. TBS offers a range of sporting teams that students may join. Every year there are opportunities for students who have demonstrated a commitment to participate in practices to represent the school at various competitive tournaments.

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