School Life




The British School, Rio de Janeiro, promotes healthy and nutritious meals for all our students, teachers and staff. Snacks and lunch are offered daily and the food menu is available to parents in the Parent Portal.

Our Food Policy aims to provide healthy and safe food for all.

  • The menu is designed to promote students' growth, development and well-being, including fresh, seasonal, high nutritional, attractive, and varied foods, yet being aware and respectful of the environment.
  • A thematic campaign is developed monthly for the menu, being related to commemorative dates or to countries. Through the meal we have been able to expose typical and culturally differentiated preparations, varying the palate and diversifying customs.
  • We seek the use of organic products, such as vegetables, fruits, demerara sugar and chocolate.
  • We do not use any kind of refined salt or sugar in food preparations. Foods that are required to use this type of products, are prepared with low concentrations.
  • Fruit juices served in the morning snack are natural fruit and no added sugar is used. When necessary coconut water is added without additives to sweeten citrus juices.
  • As recommended by the “Food Guide of the Ministry of Health”, we do not offer foods with high concentrations of sugar or salt, desserts or drinks with added sugar for the children in Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes. It is desirable that the child should eat foods with low sugar and salt content, so that this habit will remain in its adult phase, as it is general considered that once adapted, the tendency of the child is to reject other forms of preparation of the food, thus having a healthier food drive for a lifetime.
  • We offer daily ‘Healthy Mania’ option, with a protein and a garnish that can be vegetarian / vegan.
  • The School offers all necessary support to students who have special diets, allergies and/or food intolerances that require a specific diet, with recipes similar to those for other students. The school Nutritionist supervises these students closely.

Food Safety

The school has strict sanitary control measures and many precautions with food safety. All food handlers are trained and use the appropriate equipment for each service. All procedures are followed in accordance with RDC Resolution 216/2004, which defines the Technical Regulation on Good Food and Nutrition Services.