Vivien Chen’2001

Vivien Chen – Class of 2001 contacted the school in 2009: “I graduated from The British School in 2001. At that time, and still in doubt and equally divided between two careers (Veterinary Medicine or Management), I decided to roll a dice and let fate decide. Management it was. I decided to apply (vestibular) only for PUC-RJ, the best for that course at the time. I was admitted for the 2002 second semester, which I applied for.  By August 2005, I was admitted for an internship (estágio) at IBM Brazil, to join the Global Financing team supporting Financial Sales Executives in USA and Canada. My fluency in English, acquired after 11 years at TBS, certainly helped me to get that job! By September 2006 I was offered another temporary hire position to lead a team of 14 interns, which I was currently part of, while also expanding the scope of our support to USA, Canada and now Latin America . After only 7 months I was promoted again (in May 2007), and moved to a new team, now as a regular IBM employee.  By December 2007 I completed my Bachelor of Management degree at PUC-RJ, achieving a good 9.7 (out of 10) score for my final project (monografia). On May 17th 2008 I got married to Davi Borges at the Christ Church of Rio de Janeiro (Paróquia de São Lucas) on the Botafogo Site. For almost a decade I walked past that church when arriving and leaving school every day and we also had our graduation ceremony there, so I couldn’t  think of any better place for my wedding ceremony. Having two special friends to stand by my side at the altar as my ‘padrinhos’ and so many others, who I met as just a kid at TBS, there watching and supporting us made my wedding ceremony and party even more special!”