Marcelo de Brito is Awarded ‘Literary Chair #50’ in the Academia Luso-Brasileira de Letras

Marcelo Henriques de Brito ’80 is an ex-student who was at TBS in the late 60s and early 70s. Since then, he has kept in touch with the school and we are proud of his achievements as a former pupil. On March 20th, 2007 he was awarded the ‘Literary Chair # 50’ (Patron – Silvio Romero) in the Academia Luso-Brasileira de Letras. Mrs. Lilianne Kirilloff, who was his teacher in 1969, was there to witness this beautiful moment. Congratulations Marcelo! Marcelo wrote to us: “Na solenidade compareceu a minha primeira e querida professora de Junior I (current Infants 2) no The British School, Mrs. Lilianne Kirilloff, acompanhada do seu marido Alexander. Isn’t it extraordinary! Ela deu aulas para mim em 1969!”