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Barra School

The Barra School was purchased in 2006 and is a recently developed campus in a western suburb of the city.

The Barra School is an all-through school currently catering for around 1000 students 2 to 18 years of age, with the capacity to grow to 1200 students, similar to Zona Sul. The facilities have been gradually developed over the past decade to accommodate a growing number of students as the initial intakes have moved through Primary into Secondary. The first cohort to complete the IB Diploma at Barra was the Class of 2014.

Barra Primary and Secondary

Access exclusively through / entrada exclusiva via :

Av. Celia Ribeiro da Silva Mendes, 600 – Barra da Tijuca

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

CEP 22793-276

Tel.: +55 (21) 3329-2854 / 2430-5200

(official address / endereço oficial: Rua Mario Autuori, 100)

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School Sites

The school is split in two units, but with three sites. The Zona Sul School is located in the South Zone of the city and is split into two sites: Botafogo and Urca. The Barra School is called the Paul Wiseman Campus and is located in the West Zone of the city.


“One of the biggest things I learnt at the school was to learn how to think, listen and see things from different perspectives. The truth is that learning how to see things from different perspectives is a skill that makes us adaptable to different circumstances. The fact that the school always encouraged debates, analysing and discussing topics through different perspectives, made me a more global thinker.”

Bruna Sève Patko, Class of 1998