February 27, 2014

Flinker Family

Raquel Flinker'2003

The Flinker Family wrote to the school in 2009: “We would like to thank The British School for the education it has provided for our children.  It enabled them to achieve the following, which we would like to share with you:

On December 9th 2008, Raquel Flinker’2003 was awarded  the ”Excelência Acadêmica” certificate at PUC-RJ, given to the 20 top students of Engineering. She got it for 2006.  In 2007, she studied at the University of Texas, USA. While on vacation, she worked at an environmental consulting company in Austin, Texas. She will be back in March 2009 to finish her studies.

Deborah Flinker'2004

Deborah Flinker’2004 is studying (“double major”) a 2-year programme at École Central – Marseille, France.  At PUC Rio, she was taking Chemical Engineering, whereas in France, the course is “Engineering” (general).  It has a different approach, new subjects, and new language (French).  She is working hard and looking forward to be back in August 2009.

Both Raquel and Deborah were able to study abroad as a result of their good academic results – a consequence of the background gained at The British School.

Raphael Flinker'2007

Raphael Flinker’2007 has finished his 1st year of Medical School at Souza Marques. He is very enthusiastic about the course and he is sure of his professional choice. Presently, he is very happy planning a trip to Europe in January 2009 (‘mochilão’).

Whenever possible, they meet their friends from The British School. I think that is great!

Maria Carmen & Edward Flinker”