September 28, 2018

Goia Mujalli – Class of 2003

Goia Mujalli, Class of 2003, became an artist since living in UK, and is making her debut this week at the Art Rio fair with her paintings. Gabriela de Lamare, Class of 2018, interviewed her for the website.




1 – How do you think TBS prepared you and helped develop your artistic side?


The art classes were really important to me, as it was the first place where I learnt how to use paint. The art classes were given since we are very young and it was there that I noticed that I enjoyed it.


2 – Why did you decide to go to London and what professional and personal opportunities did it bring to you?


London had always been a city that attracted me in the sense of its cultural scene. Especially due to it’s mixture of different cultures from all the over the world. I thought to study art in London would be a good experience. Barely I knew I would end up staying there for over seven years now. I must say it wasn’t easy for a foreigner to arrive in the UK. Culture wise, it is very different from Brazil. However, I enjoyed this shift of culture and it helped me grow and immerse myself even more in my practice. I recently got invited as visiting tutor in the Painting department of the BA at Brighton University, which I am very pleased and excited about.


3 – Have you always been focused on contemporary art or do you also enjoy other styles of art?

I have been researching historical and contemporary art for almost ten years now. I also studied Graphic Design before in an Industrial Design Bachelor here in Rio. I guess it’s good to be open about things.


4 – Since when have you been involved with the Mercedes Viegas Gallery and what is its significance in your career?

I have been working with Mercedes Viegas since last year in December 2017. I think it is very important to have someone that trusts your work and pushes it forward. I have a lovely exchange with Mercedes and I hope to grow even more. Next year I’ll have my first solo show at her gallery and I am really looking forward to it.


5 – What is the impact that painting has on your life and where do you get your inspirations from?

I get ideas from whatever life experience I have. Those experiences can come from reading a book, having a conversation, travelling, seeing a show, meeting people, walking, dancing, and mostly exploring the materiality of paint and what it can do on the surface.


6 – What are the greatest challenges you face daily as an artist?

The greatest challenges that I face, as an artist is how to always push the work and bring new experiments into the process. It is really important for the artist to always be investigating new ideas even if it’s within the same medium. Also, how to earn money as an artist is a challenge.




7 – How was the process for the exhibition in Art Rio?

This is my first time showing in ArtRio. I am really happy to be showing alongside amazing artists from the gallery.


8 – How would you generally describe the purpose and message you want to transmit with your paintings?

The message would be a sensation you get from each work. Each painting transmits a different sensation through colour and it’s interesting to know what response people get from it as this dialogue is also part of my process.


9 – How would you say that the TBS shaped you into who you are today as an artist and as a person?

Having had the opportunity to study at the TBS, it offered me to explore and speak a different language and culture. Most of the people that studies at the TBS spends all those years growing up together and we see people change fast throughout the years. For me, I would say the art classes really helped me see what I really liked doing as a profession.


10 – Are you planning any big projects or other exhibitions in the near future?

I will be showing in December here in Rio at the Jacarandá, which is an amazing artist run space. It will be a group show and I am really looking forward to show alongside these amazing artists, as it has been a project that has grew along this year.


11- Share some of the memories you most treasure from your days at school

The school has been a great place to create friendships that will be for life. I had amazing tutors that really made a change in my thinking. Still after graduation, I kept in touch with tutors and Mr Nash and Rose were really helpful in choosing which schools to study in London. The educational system really prepared me. I have been two years ago to the school and still tutors remembered me, especially Mr Dave Williams. I had an amazing experience and I think the peers were great part of it.



February 27, 2014

Flinker Family

Raquel Flinker'2003

The Flinker Family wrote to the school in 2009: “We would like to thank The British School for the education it has provided for our children.  It enabled them to achieve the following, which we would like to share with you:

On December 9th 2008, Raquel Flinker’2003 was awarded  the ”Excelência Acadêmica” certificate at PUC-RJ, given to the 20 top students of Engineering. She got it for 2006.  In 2007, she studied at the University of Texas, USA. While on vacation, she worked at an environmental consulting company in Austin, Texas. She will be back in March 2009 to finish her studies.

Deborah Flinker'2004

Deborah Flinker’2004 is studying (“double major”) a 2-year programme at École Central – Marseille, France.  At PUC Rio, she was taking Chemical Engineering, whereas in France, the course is “Engineering” (general).  It has a different approach, new subjects, and new language (French).  She is working hard and looking forward to be back in August 2009.

Both Raquel and Deborah were able to study abroad as a result of their good academic results – a consequence of the background gained at The British School.

Raphael Flinker'2007

Raphael Flinker’2007 has finished his 1st year of Medical School at Souza Marques. He is very enthusiastic about the course and he is sure of his professional choice. Presently, he is very happy planning a trip to Europe in January 2009 (‘mochilão’).

Whenever possible, they meet their friends from The British School. I think that is great!

Maria Carmen & Edward Flinker”

June 20, 2010

Bernar Mattos’2003

Bernar Mattos’2003 was invited to join Business at Butler – Indianapolis (USA), Concordia University – California (USA) and Michigan State University (USA). He decided to go to Concordia University in Irvine, California, and graduated with a major in Business and emphasis on management and finance. He then moved to Miami, Florida, to work at “Lloyds TSB” at the International Private Banking division, doing wealth management. In March 2010 he resigned from Lloyds TSB Private Banking, hence to the job opportunity in NYC at Safra. He accepted the offer, “I am very excited about it! My learning curve seems unlimited, exposure to the financial capital of the world, networking and most importantly, doing what I am passionate about, selling and client relationship!”

December 19, 2007

Ricardo Hiltz Marques’03



Ricardo Hiltz Marques’03. “In 2003 I entered Estácio de Sá University, at Rio de Janeiro, for Gastronomia and Culinaria graduate course. I will be graduating at the end of 2007. I’ve been working since the beginning of college. My first job was at Casa de Cultura Estácio de Sá, for six months; then I went to work at Ipanema Mix where I stayed for about 1 year and 3 months. After that, I moved to Mix by Bronze with the famous Chef Felipe Bronze. Now, I work as the Chef at Zaza Bistro Tropical. Well, it’s difficult to say that the school influenced me on becoming a Chef because it was something that I started to show some interest in during my last year at The British School but still I didn’t imagine I would actually being doing that as a job. Nevertheless, I believe the school prepares us to do whatever we want to do afterwards, and I am sure I have learned many important things which will help me in my job.”

June 19, 2007

Great matches, great plays, great goals! World Cup? No, Founder’s Day Football!


Eduardo Muniz’93, Co-founder and President of TAABS

It was a perfect setting: a sunny – but cool – Saturday morning, a smooth pitch and a football. Parents, teachers, students, exstudents and even aggregates* joined in to play in the First Founder’s Day Football Mini-Tournament. Four, teams one dream: the privilege to be called the best in school! The mini-tournament consisted of two semi-final matches, one thirdplace match and the Grand Finale! In the first match of the day, the Alumni Falcons Team (former Falcon Team) played against a mixed Ex-Student-Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team and came out with a close victory 2 x 0 thanks to the fantastic saves by Alex, the Ex- Student-Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team goalkeeper! After the match, this is what one unidentified teacher had to say “We did not lose! We just did not win!!” That just about sums it all up! In the second match of the day, the Current Falcons Team faced a mixed Current Student-Teacher Team. The Current Falcons came out with an exciting victory 3 x 1 to reach the much anticipated Final Match-up against the Alumni Falcons Team. In the battle for the honorable 3rd Place, the mixed Ex-Student- Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team counted on some new and rested starters to try and stop the dynamic Current Student-Teacher Team. That didn’t seem to intimidate the fast and young students who came out with their first victory of the day, 2 x 1 to earn 3rd Place. The Grand Finale was a true battle! The referee, somewhat distracted in the first two matches, had to keep a close attention at all times! The game was well played, with hard, but clean plays by both teams. After two 20-minute periods, the Alumni Falcons Team came out with a slight edge to beat the Current Falcons Team 2 x 1 in a thrilling finale to win the First Founder’s Day Football Mini-Tournament. In the end, great sportsmanship prevailed and both teams recognized each others strengths! After the matches the general feeling was “Why don’t we do this more often!?” cried Igor Santa-Maria’94. “When is the next school event? We need another football tournament!” concluded Marcelo Sá’96.

TAABS has promised to organize another football tournament in the next school event, as well as promoting more integration between ex-students and the school community. This friendly atmosphere is what The British School has that is so special. We ought to nurture this more often! Thank you to all of you who, current students and alumni, families and friends, were present at the event and have been supporting TBS and TAABS always!

*Aggregates – husbands, boyfriends, cousins and friends of students, teachers and ex-students! Note: Mr. Paul Wiseman, sent his special thanks to the ex-students Bernar Mattos’03, Rafael Vieira’99, Eduardo Muniz’93, Igor Santa-Maria’94, Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, Felipe Lara’99, Daniel Maldonado’99, Francisco Dantas’99, Filipe Maldonado’01, Daniel Coccaro, Rodrigo Infantozzi’96, Marco Carnier’97, Marcelo Sá’96, André Carnier’97, Leandro Chichito who helped promoting this year’s Founders Day Fete!