February 5, 2019

Rafael Vieira – Class of 1999

Civil engineer graduated at Puc-Rio, Rafael Vieira – Class of 1999, is a partner of Riomix Mortar, which produces a product called Celumassa. Rafael developed, alongside his team, a sustainable mortar that includes its own recycled packaging in the composition, reducing the environmental impact. In December 2018, the company won the 22nd CBIC Innovation and Sustainability Award in the category of materials and components. We interviewed Rafael to learn more about this fantastic product and its trajectory.


PHOTO-2018-12-12-07-43-28 (1)


1- Your project has two fantastic and important work fronts, both social and environmental. Let’s talk initially about the creation of this innovative product, Celumassa. What motivated you to create a mortar, a product so common in the day to day of those who work in the construction industry, with the differential of being distributed in renewable bags?


Actually, we work on the construction industry for decades and specifically in the mortar in bags industry for almost 20 years. Therefore, this project of industrial mortars in reusable bags is an evolution of what we do for quite some time. Our motivation is serving not only our clients but the community as whole.


2- The bags of Celumassa are made of what material?” How exactly is your reuse done?


We recycle regular Kraft Paper, common for cement and mortar bags. We have a special recycling system to reduce the bags in particle sizes usable for the mortar blends.


3- What was the contribution of the Materials Department of PUC-Rio in the development of this project? How long did it take to actually be feasible and marketed?


In an inter-lab study, between Puc-Rio and our own lab, we managed to develop a way to recycle the bags to a usable size and test it for its mechanical and durability properties and within 5 to 6 months our first truck of Riomix-Celumassa was delivered.


4- The incentive to donate a bag of 50kg for every 100 bags collected has had an effect? Do you notice a greater concern in people in returning the used bags instead of just discarding them?


Totally!! Our Social Plastering Program (PES – Programa Emboço Social) we believe is the main trigger to persuade our clients on returning the used paper combined with cement residue bags.


5 – You say that the construction industry is the largest generator of solid waste in the world. What are the waste disposal rates for this industry?


Around 1/4 of what enters a construction site leaves as solid waste. The more solutions we have for reusing, reducing or recycling this waste the more we help reduce the impact to the environment.


6- Let’s talk a little bit about the PES – Programa Emboço Social. How many families have already been favored by the project in Itaboraí? -What encouraged you to create PES? You told us that the external coating in the houses is very costly and therefore, little used. Do you use Celumassa itself in this project? Is a house without such external protection a house with more risks of collapse, infiltration and prejudices for the residents?


We started counting de bag returns on July 1st 2017 and on the 31st of December 2018, 18 months later, we achieved the incredible amount of 250.000 residue bags collected. A total of 50 family homes protected by the program. And also this helped deflect 2.500 cubic meters of solid paper combined with cement waste from the environment eliminating 57.500 kg of CO2eq blown out to our ozone layer through the reverse logistic system created by Riomix-Celumassa. For you to have an idea, to neutralize these emissions at least 450 new-planted trees would be needed.


7- How did The British School help you build and raise your social and environmental concern with the world? Did you participate in any social project at school? Do you have memories of having “put your hand in the dough” when younger? (Currently the school has projects with that NGO TETO and they were raising funds for the construction of houses. Was this school initiative already happening in your time?)


Helping people help each other! This is our goal, this is our inspiration. By returning the most amount of bags the more families get their homes protected. Plaster if fundamental for the durability of the wall structures, it also prevents humidity, heat or cold, living organisms entering the houses. Reducing dermatological and respiratory illnesses from the ones living in unprotected houses. It’s not hard to realize that Brazilian socially less favored homes lack the use of plaster protection, if you can see the bricks from outside, it means there is no exterior plaster layer. And yes, we use the new Celumassa mortar 2018 CBIC Innovation and Sustainability trophy winner technology to protect these houses. TBS is a great School, students have to enjoy and appreciate the unique opportunity to learn and specially built character there. In which ever area I enter, my experience at TBS will always be of great help. I really don’t remember of ONG TETO at my time.


8- Did you have any discipline or mentor in TBS that inspired you to build a better world, be it in the creation of Celumassa or create a social project that walks alongside your company?


All my teachers at TBS left a footprint on my character. Art, P.E. and Maths were my favorite classes. Now as a civil engineer, I look back and realize how. Art made me more creative and showed me a special perception towards nature, sports gave me great team work skills, leadership, learning to win and to lose, and Maths made me more curious and also realize that a lot of great men and women saw nature in a different way than others of their time and thought a whole lot of stuff before us.

September 17, 2013

Cristina Guerreiro’1999

Cristina Guerreiro ’1999 left to England right after graduation, and received a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from the University of Central England. Further on, she also studied in Italy and then in the United States. She has lived in San Francisco, USA, where she studied animation and produced work for MTV and advertising agencies. Her paintings can be seen at exhibitions throughout the USA. On the words of Holly Kozelsky, Bulletin Accent Editor of the Martins Ville Bulletin, “Cristina Guerreiro’s paintings bring to life the sights and sounds of a revived area of Lisbon, Portugal — Bairro Alto, which dates from Medieval times. The area started falling into disrepair years ago and then experienced a renaissance of use and appreciation. In the past decades, the life and flair in its narrow streets has fascinated artists, writers and poets. Many tourists go there now. It has become a vibrant section of the city famed for music, dining and nightlife. Fado music, with guitar and viola, is typical of the region. Guerreiro’s paintings capture the excitement of the music and energy, and also Bairro Alto’s age.”

September 17, 2013

Tatiana Falcão’1999

Tatiana Falcão'1999

Tatiana Falcão’1999 started in Law School in 2000 at Universidade Cândido Mendes until 2004, and graduated top 10% of her class. She was an intern with Pinheiro Neto Advogados from 2002 to 2004 and accepted there as a lawyer thereafter. She continued working there from 2005 to 2006 as a tax lawyer and, while she did her Post-Graduate Degree at Insitituto Brasileiro de Estudos Tributarios (IBET). She then moved on to Cambridge University, UK, in September 2007, from which she graduated with the LLM (Master of Laws) degree in 2008. With that in hands, she went to the Hague Academy of International Law (summer/2008) and to New York University, USA, (August/2008) for the International Taxation Programme, the top tax programme in the US – to graduate in May 2009.

October 7, 2011

Marcos Carnier – Class of 1999


Marcos has been working with Vasco da Gama football club for 2 years now, as their Executive Marketing Director.  Since he joined the football club, 25 new commercial partners have joined the group, their t-shit sponsorship has risen 500% and several other developments have been going on. Below is a photo of Marcos and the Vasco football club President, Roberto Dinamite, during the launching of the clubs’ third shirt, on celebration of its fight against racism and racial segregation.


Football supporters likes and dislikes aside,…. congratulations to you Marcos, for the great achievements!

December 7, 2010

Antonio Cotrim’1999 Ties the Knot


Antonio Cotrim’99 got married to Bianca Reis on November 6th 2010 at Sociedade Hípica Brasileira, in Rio de Janeiro. The religious ceremony was held at São Francisco de Paula Church. Several former students of The British School, Rio de Janeiro were present sharing this moment with Antonio’99.  Leandro Chichito’99, George Kassab’99, Rodrigo Lampreia’99 and Marcos Blanco Carnier’99 were “padrinhos”. Daniel Maldonado’99, Sean Oram’97, Rafael Vieira’99, Felippe Lara’99, Kevin T’ang’99, Fabio Sá’00, Rafael Direito Soares’99, Michael Stanford’01, André Carnier’97, Ana Carolina Cueva’99 were also at this great event.

Casamento Cotrim 01

Casamento Cotrim 02

We wish all the best for Antonio and Bianca!

October 7, 2010

Rodrigo Lampreia’1999 and Amy Winehouse


Rodrigo was interviewed  in Fantástico, Rede Globo, in June 2010, and can also been seen in O Globo on line talking about his show with Amy Winehouse in London – UK!


You can listen to his music at http://soundcloud.com/rodrigolampreia/passarela  (April 2010 – “Passarela” by Rodrigo Lampreia’99 – Recorded at “Estúdio Som Livre”)

Foto Rodrigo Lampreia

April 7, 2010

Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’1999


Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’99 is now producing his first solo CD, with music of his own.

Below is his testimonial on this great achievement!

“Depois de alguns anos como vocalista das bandas Bomburi (fundada ainda na British School em 1999), Chevette 77 e Guanabara Social Clube, Rodrigo Lampreia’99 está nos estúdios da Som Livre gravando seu primeiro disco solo e autoral. Rodrigo se formou em Administração pela PUC Rio, trabalhou em diversos lugares, entre eles o Mercado Financeiro e, há 2 anos, abandonou tudo para viver exclusivamente e profissionalmente de música. Após diversos shows no Rio, SP, MG e na Europa (Londres, Paris e Amsterdã), Rodrigo está gravando seu disco de estréia e já tem lançamento internacional em Maio em uma turnê pela Inglaterra (UK Tour). O disco está sendo gravado e será mixado por Alberto Vaz’95. A previsão de lançamento é para Junhde 2010.”


Rodrigo Lampreia’1999

Rodrigo Lampreia'1999 e Alberto Vaz'1995

Rodrigo Lampreia’1999 e Alberto Vaz’1995

April 7, 2010

Class of 1999 – 10 Year Reunion


Ten years have gone by and the Class of 1999, got together to celebrate their “10 Year Reunion”. They put together a great weekend with events in Rio and many alumni were present. On Friday, 18th of December, a cocktail was organised at The British School, Botafogo site. The Class of 1999 alumni; Mr Paul Wiseman, the School Director, and a few teachers joined in for an informal chat and lots of memories. A video was showed with photos and videos from the days in school, and a tour was done in the Chasman building, bringing back several memories. On Saturday, 19th December, they also organized a party at the Hotel Ipanema Plaza.  This was certainly a great celebration of the good old days in school.

Thank you Class of 1999! You make us all proud!

Frases e Memories:
“Que delicia nosso encontro, né? Da vontade de ter filhos logo para colocar na escola e reviver esses bons momentos novamente.” Marcos Carnier

2009-12-18 Class of 1999 10 Year Reunion (23)

 Class of 1999 Alumni (Graduates and Non-Graduates):

Amanda Motta
Ana Carolina Cueva
Antonio Cotrim
Beatrice Johnson
Bernardo Malfitano
Bernardo Rodenburg
Bruna Guerreiro
Bruno Ambar
Carlos de Barros Jorge-Neto
Cherry Cahu
Cristina Santos
Daniel Maldonado
Darke Mattos
Eric Marsden
Felippe Lara
Francisco Dantas
George Kassab
Gustavo Muniz
Isabela Berger Sacramento
Isabella Tanure
Jessica Graham
Joana Videira
João Rabello
Juliana Pimentel
Leandro Chichito
Leonardo Faraco
Liza Crissiuma Gershony
Marcia Cristina Lapo Guerreiro
Marcos Carnier
Maria Gabriella Seiler
Marina Castelo Branco
Mel Fernandes
Monica Penido Monteiro
Paola Burle
Patrícia Costa
Paula Einsfeld
Paulo Niemeyer Neto
Pedro Celso Smith
Rafael Grabowsky
Rafael M Vieira
Renata Leite Barbosa
Rodrigo Lampreia Carvalho
Rodrigo Marques
Sean Oram
Tatiana Falcão