December 3, 2015

Leandro Fonseca’s Son


Congratulations to Leandro Fonseca’1997 and Juliana Leite, for the arrival of their baby! Guilherme was born on December 3rd 2015.  Leandro is brother to Daniel Baptista’2002, Lívia Fonseca’2005 and son to Mr Arnô Fonseca – Head of PE and Ms Celia Chaves – PE Teacher at TBS.

The British School community wishes all happiness and lots of love Guilherme and the entire family!



February 27, 2014

Juliana Neves’1997

Juliana Neves'1997

Juliana Neves’1997, who graduated in Architecture, from UFRJ, contacted the school in 2002: “This is one of the great things about the IB: we learn how to learn and this makes IB graduates more skilful than others. When I was called to work as an intern, one of the first things my boss asked me was: “Tell me more about this IB and CAS.” He was extremely interested and I guess this was one of the reasons why I was picked.”

June 7, 2011

Two More Medals for André Carnier’97


Two more championships to our alumnus André Carnier’1997!  André won the “Brasil Open de Squash” Tournament which happened at Ilhéus – Bahia and won, for the fourth time, the championship in Búzios – RJ. Next phase will be in Porto Alegre-RG. Cheers for André!


October 7, 2010

News from Mrs Sherry, Adriana Andrade’97 and Daniela Hunter Andrade’00


Mrs. Sherry, Adriana Andrade’97 and Daniela Hunter Andrade’00 … if you were at TBS in the 90s, you certainly remember them.  You might have had English classes with Mrs. Sherry in the Ribeiro dos Santos building. You might have enjoyed the school plays when all seniors participated and certainly Adriana and Daniela were part of them.

Over 10 years after their graduations, we have now received a letter from their parents Mr. Rui Andrade and Mrs. Sherry Andrade. How good it is to hear from them!

Congratulations on all their achievements. The British School family is delighted that they have all done well!

Below is  the letter sent   to Mr. Wiseman. If  you  woul d like  to  contact   any   of them,  please   let  us  know  and we  will  put  you  in  touch.

Brasilia, August 17, 2010

Dear Paul,

 We would like to take this occasion to inform you that Adriana received her PhD in Neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University last year and was the recipient of the 2010 John A. Resko Outsanding PhD Dissertation Award. For her thesis, Adriana discovered a novel physiological process which occurs specifically in hippocampal neurons under conditions of restricted oxygenation, analogous to stroke. She also found that different brain regions respond differently to these conditions, which should shed important light on drug design to treat stroke victims. Her results have been published in two scientific manuscripts, including the Journal of Physiology, and presented in several scientific meetings across the US.

 We would like to thank you and all the teachers of The British School who contributed to the excellent education of our daughter Adriana. Although it has been many years since she graduated from the British School, we know that her solid educational base began with the excellence of The British School and the I.B. programme.

 It is also a pleasure to add that Adriana was married to Paul Focke on Saturday, July 17, 2010, in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Portland Oregon. Paul was a classmate at OHSU and also completed his PhD in Neuroscience in 2009. They are both currently working as Post-Doctorates at OHSU.

 Our daughter Daniela was married to Pedro Henrique Melo on January 9th 2008, and they are living in London. Both are graduates in Cinema and Pedro also has a B.A. in Marketing and Propaganda from ESPM. Daniela is currently studying Nutrition at The University of  Westminster

 Once again, Rui and I would like to thank all of you at The British School for your dedication and high level of excellence in education. Well done!


                                                                                                       With warmest regards, Sherry and Rui Andrade”

December 3, 2009

Leandro Fonseca’1997 Ties the Knot


Leandro Fonseca’97 and Juliana made their vows in a amazing celebration and party on Nov 7th 2009 at “Clube da Aeronautica”. Leandro’s parents, Mr Arnô Fonseca and Ms Célia Chaves, are more than proud.  All happiness to the young couple!


April 3, 2009

And here is Helena Oliveira Gentil de Souza Sá


(According to the father – “nome de princesa!!!”)

By: Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, Admissions, Communications & Marketing Officer

Helena Oliveira Gentil de Souza Sá

On November 27th 2008 Marcelo Sá’96 and Clara had a beautiful baby girl. Helena arrived in Nova Lima – MG, Brazil, and in January 2009 moved with the family to Rio de Janeiro. The godparents Fabio Sá’2000 and Thaissa Sá’2005 are very proud indeed and try to enjoy every moment possible with her. Soon after they moved to Rio, Fabio Sá’2000 and Roberta got married. The wedding took place on January 31st 2009 at the ‘Santa Teresinha Church’ (Palácio Guanabara) and the party went on at the Fluminense Football Club party hall.

Fabio Sá'2000 and Roberta

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Helena was just two months old, but there she was at the godfather’s wedding… in her diapers as it was just too hot! ☺ Also present were Rafael Gryner’2000, Felipe Abeid’2000, Leonardo Viegas’2000, Paulo Niemeyer Neto’2000, Thomaz Vidal’2000, Marcos Carnier’1999, Rodrigo Lampreia’1999, Rafael Grabowsky’1999, Antonio Cotrim’1999, Felippe Lara’1999, André Carnier’1997, Rafael Mellin-Sale’1996 and Michael Stanford’2001. Grandparents Andréa Nogueira Gentil and Carlos Roberto de Albuquerque Sá, very proud of their children indeed, enjoyed the party all night long. On the very next day it was Thaissa Sá’2005’s time to fly away. She is now at Leeds University, England, on the scholarship programme via PUC-Rio for her major in Management and Communications. Once again The British School, Rio de Janeiro congratulates the Sá family on their beautiful path through life!

Fabio Sá'2000 Marriage

June 19, 2007

Great matches, great plays, great goals! World Cup? No, Founder’s Day Football!


Eduardo Muniz’93, Co-founder and President of TAABS

It was a perfect setting: a sunny – but cool – Saturday morning, a smooth pitch and a football. Parents, teachers, students, exstudents and even aggregates* joined in to play in the First Founder’s Day Football Mini-Tournament. Four, teams one dream: the privilege to be called the best in school! The mini-tournament consisted of two semi-final matches, one thirdplace match and the Grand Finale! In the first match of the day, the Alumni Falcons Team (former Falcon Team) played against a mixed Ex-Student-Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team and came out with a close victory 2 x 0 thanks to the fantastic saves by Alex, the Ex- Student-Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team goalkeeper! After the match, this is what one unidentified teacher had to say “We did not lose! We just did not win!!” That just about sums it all up! In the second match of the day, the Current Falcons Team faced a mixed Current Student-Teacher Team. The Current Falcons came out with an exciting victory 3 x 1 to reach the much anticipated Final Match-up against the Alumni Falcons Team. In the battle for the honorable 3rd Place, the mixed Ex-Student- Teacher-Parent-Aggregates Team counted on some new and rested starters to try and stop the dynamic Current Student-Teacher Team. That didn’t seem to intimidate the fast and young students who came out with their first victory of the day, 2 x 1 to earn 3rd Place. The Grand Finale was a true battle! The referee, somewhat distracted in the first two matches, had to keep a close attention at all times! The game was well played, with hard, but clean plays by both teams. After two 20-minute periods, the Alumni Falcons Team came out with a slight edge to beat the Current Falcons Team 2 x 1 in a thrilling finale to win the First Founder’s Day Football Mini-Tournament. In the end, great sportsmanship prevailed and both teams recognized each others strengths! After the matches the general feeling was “Why don’t we do this more often!?” cried Igor Santa-Maria’94. “When is the next school event? We need another football tournament!” concluded Marcelo Sá’96.

TAABS has promised to organize another football tournament in the next school event, as well as promoting more integration between ex-students and the school community. This friendly atmosphere is what The British School has that is so special. We ought to nurture this more often! Thank you to all of you who, current students and alumni, families and friends, were present at the event and have been supporting TBS and TAABS always!

*Aggregates – husbands, boyfriends, cousins and friends of students, teachers and ex-students! Note: Mr. Paul Wiseman, sent his special thanks to the ex-students Bernar Mattos’03, Rafael Vieira’99, Eduardo Muniz’93, Igor Santa-Maria’94, Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, Felipe Lara’99, Daniel Maldonado’99, Francisco Dantas’99, Filipe Maldonado’01, Daniel Coccaro, Rodrigo Infantozzi’96, Marco Carnier’97, Marcelo Sá’96, André Carnier’97, Leandro Chichito who helped promoting this year’s Founders Day Fete!

June 19, 2007

Our Students Leave TBS to Move On But they never forget us… …and we never forget them! Pedro Arieira’01

Eduardo Nunes’94 and Sasha

Eduardo Nunes’94 and Sasha

Eduardo Nunes’94 Sasha - Rafael Nunes’97 and Pedro Arieira’01 on the far left

Eduardo Nunes’94 Sasha – Rafael Nunes’97 and Pedro Arieira’01 on the far left

I graduated from The British School in 2001. From there I went to Baltimore, Maryland – USA, to study Biology/ Pre-Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. By my second year I decided to change my “Major” from Biology to Economics, and the University of Maryland was a better institution for that. I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Maryland in January of 2006, then went back to Brazil for a year to work. In December, I applied to Graduate Studies programs in 9 universities across the United States. My first choice was Berkeley, which I unfortunately was not accepted for, but a few weeks ago I received a letter offering me a Fellowship for my second choice, Northwestern University, located in Evanston, Illinois, about 30 minutes away from Chicago. The PhD I will pursue is in Political Science, or more specifically, in International Relations. University rankings vary a lot, but Northwestern usually ranks in the Top20, but the Department, especially in International Relations, is evaluated as a top 5 program. Since I don’t have a Master’s degree yet, it should take 5 to 6 years to complete both. The Fellowship they offer is of 20 thousand dollars of stipend for 9 months out of each year, with additional funds available if I choose to stay for the Summer. The Fellowship package also pays for all my tuition and fees costs, as well as medical insurance. During my first year I don’t have to do anything to maintain the offer (apart from keeping a B average), but in the 2-4th years I have to be a Teaching Assistant and teach 10-20 hours a week. This isn’t such a heavy burden either, considering that it will be very helpful if I decide to follow a Tenure track academic career and teach for a living after I complete the PhD. Classes start on the 17th of September. While I am very much looking forward to them, I can’t help but be scared of the weather. Everyone I talk to speaks highly of Chicago and Northwestern, but they all warn me of how cold and bleak the city can get during the longish cold season. I guess Chicago isn’t as pleasant as Berkeley as far as weather goes, but I heard that it makes up for it in matters of Culture and Entertainment, so the solution is to buy myself a heavy jacket and “suck it up”. Eduardo Nunes’94 Although I left The British School just before taking the IGCSE’s, in 1992, to move to the United States, I have always considered myself an honorary member of the alumni club – so much so, that my classmate Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94 has validated my presumption by inviting me to submit an update on my life for the Falcon (alongside my brother Pedro’s update.) So, here goes: After moving to the United States, I went to a public high school just outside of Washington, DC, that offered the I.B. curriculum. So, I was spared the cruel fate of not obtaining the baccalaureate. I graduated with a degree in English literature from a small liberal arts school in Wooster, OH named (surprisingly) the College of Wooster. After college, I moved back to the Washington, DC region. For the past several years, I have been working as the Director of Standards and International Affairs at the American Association of Blood Banks. It’s not exactly the same as writing about James Joyce, but sometimes the level of linguistic complexity is comparable. A few years ago, we obtained funding via the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to do HIV-relief work in Africa, and I have had the opportunity to travel to Mozambique and Rwanda to work on standards-setting projects. In addition, work has taken me to Mexico, England, Spain, the Netherlands, and of course, Brazil, as I had the opportunity to speak at a conference sponsored by the Hemocentro of Ribeirão Preto. Last April, I got married to my long-time girlfriend, Sasha Sutherland. We live happily, with our two cats, in the Adams Morgan neighbourhood of Washington DC (practically next door to a Brazilian restaurant called “The Grill from Ipanema” and I am not making that name up!) As soon as we figure out how to fit all of the wedding presents into our apartment, we’ll probably have to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives, I guess…