June 7, 2011

Mariano Souza Ferreira’95’s Wedding


Mariano Souza Ferreira’95 got married to Joanna Fraga Ferreira on April 23rd 2011. TBS friends were present, as you can see in the photo! All the happiness to the new couple!

On the left side: Pedro Souza’95, Nicole Bianchi-Shore’95 and Julia Aboim’95. In the centre/front: Mariano Ferreira’95 and the bride – Joanna, Bruno Magalhães’95. In the centre/back:  Ana Luiza Salles, Bruno Weinert’95, Guilherme Lebleson Sued.  On the right side:  Marcelo Akstein’95.


mariano 2

June 7, 2011

Satoshi Hori – Class of 1995 – now Daddy!


amiBaby Hori has arrived! Aimi was born on March 30th 2011, in London – UK, weighing 3.29kg.  Mummy (Lisa) and daughter are doing well and daddy, Satoshi Hori’95, cannot hold his smile!

Satoshi was a pupil at TBS from Primary School all the way up to the beginning of IB. He would have graduated in 1995 but left in 1994 when he won a music scholarship to study at Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester – UK.  He then won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music and Guildhall School of Music and Drama but decided that he wanted to pursue his “other dream of becoming a doctor” and  so went to medical school instead.

He qualified in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Developmental Neurobiology with Basic Medical Sciences – King’s College London, University of London; in Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) – St. George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London. He is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (MRCS) and he is currently studying for Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Oncology at the University of Cambridge (King’s College).   He is an Urological Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge and MRC / The Prostate Cancer Charity Clinical Research Fellow, University of Cambridge.

He has also let us know that Naoki Hori (that would have graduated in 1997) now lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, and their mother, Yasuko Hori has now moved back to live in Osaka, Japan.

When Mr Wiseman heard about the news of the birth of Aimi and saw the family photo, he said “I enjoyed his magnificent piano playing enormously – he actually played a piano concerto with a major orchestra at the Theatro Municipal one Sunday which I witnessed. I note his daughter has a cellist’s fingers!”

We all have great memories of Satoshi playing for the entire school in the Hall!  Good old days!  Congratulations Satoshi, for all your achievements and for being the daddy of a lovely little girl.

June 7, 2011

Ivone Ramos’95 Daughter


Ivone Ramos’95 gave birth to Maria Fernanda on April 4th 2011 at Perinatal-RJ. Daddy Marcelo,  Aunt Osvani Ramos’94, cousin Lívia Lima’2024 and brother João Marcelo Barbosa’2026 are enchanted by little Maria Fernanda (Class of 2030)!

Ivone with Maria Fernanda and João Marcelo

Ivone with Maria Fernanda and João Marcelo

April 7, 2011

TAABS 2011′s Children

Bernardo - Juliana Bahiense Faria'98

Bernardo – Juliana Bahiense Faria’98

Davi - Edoardo Oliveira'94

Davi – Edoardo Oliveira’94

Gabriel - Will Makant'92 Andrea Dantas'95

Gabriel – Will Makant’92 Andrea Dantas’95

Lara - David Pinto'96

Lara – David Pinto’96


June 7, 2010

Julia Fritsch’s’1966 Wedding


Julia Fritsch’96 and Rafael got married on Nov 28th 2009 at the “Igreja Nossa Senhora do Bonsucesso” in Rio de Janeiro. Rafael Fritsch’95 and his wife were ‘padrinhos’ and entered the church with their baby son. Laura Fritsch’2010 was also a ‘madrinha’, Gabriel Fritsch’2012 played the violin and Felipe Fritsch’2015 carried the rings.
The beautiful ceremony was followed by a great party at Copacabana Palace. Mr Paul Wiseman, school Director, and several ex-students were present, including Pedro Seiler’96, Alice Franco’96, Kevin Tang’97, Luciana Matsuda’96, Isabel Ribeiro’96, Celina Ribeiro’98, Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, Bruna Costa Furtado’96, Clarissa Oliveira’96, Anna Flora Werneck’96, Anna Julia Werneck’96, Roberta Sumares’96, Manuela Sumares’98.
We were all thrilled by the couple’s happiness. All the best to the new family!


April 7, 2010

Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’1999


Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’99 is now producing his first solo CD, with music of his own.

Below is his testimonial on this great achievement!

“Depois de alguns anos como vocalista das bandas Bomburi (fundada ainda na British School em 1999), Chevette 77 e Guanabara Social Clube, Rodrigo Lampreia’99 está nos estúdios da Som Livre gravando seu primeiro disco solo e autoral. Rodrigo se formou em Administração pela PUC Rio, trabalhou em diversos lugares, entre eles o Mercado Financeiro e, há 2 anos, abandonou tudo para viver exclusivamente e profissionalmente de música. Após diversos shows no Rio, SP, MG e na Europa (Londres, Paris e Amsterdã), Rodrigo está gravando seu disco de estréia e já tem lançamento internacional em Maio em uma turnê pela Inglaterra (UK Tour). O disco está sendo gravado e será mixado por Alberto Vaz’95. A previsão de lançamento é para Junhde 2010.”


Rodrigo Lampreia’1999

Rodrigo Lampreia'1999 e Alberto Vaz'1995

Rodrigo Lampreia’1999 e Alberto Vaz’1995

December 19, 2007

And we hear more news about our alumni…


Marcos Akstein’01 contacted us a few months ago and sent a beautiful letter which you can read below. He was a student from the age of 3 and graduated in Class 11 in 2001. After leaving school, he went to college at IBMEC-RJ and studied Economics. Currently, he is an Investment Analyst at Constellation Asset Management, based at São Paulo. He is responsible for studying public companies in the retail sector, analyzing quantitative and qualitative aspects of the company. His older brother, Marcelo Akstein‘95, also studied at The British School and graduated in 1995. He has graduated from PUC-RJ in Engineering and now runs the family business.

Dear Mr. Wiseman, I would like to share something with you. I was a student at The British School since the age of 3. Today, 6 years after my graduation, I still remember how important the school was for my child and teenage hood. What I want to share with you is not only about the knowledge gained at TBS, but also how I face the world today and what my role in it can be. Despite the time spent at The British School, it is only now, after being more mature that I see clearly that my education was always guided to turn me and my colleagues into future leaders. The school has made us believe in ourselves providing us with the self-confidence to reach our goals and channeling our energy to make this world a better place for all. I have finally read carefully what you wrote in my yearbook (2001) and became surprised since I didn’t know you very well… I had never realized that the school had such an influence about how I think or how act today. I have always thought that there was something special about me, but never realized why I was so worried about how things are or if I could be able to do something remarkable someday. Reading your letter, Mr. Wiseman, provided me great comfort in knowing that The British School is performing a real revolution in the mind of future adults, making them see the world with other eyes and trying their best to change it. In this modern world, I believe that few are so ahead to think as properly as they should. Many are using drugs to become happier, but this happiness lasts for just some few hours. Others are working for money and looking at the future always wanting more, forgetting about the present. Few people make good use of their time, which in my opinion is enjoying the present and working for the future. Surpassing obstacles and reaching goals, helping others and improving themselves is what I see as the way to reach a significant life and true happiness. I know that I am not near perfection, neither the best among my friends in my profession. However, thanks to The British School and the great teachers I have had, I strongly believe in my potential. I am working hard to make my dreams come true and am motivated to work and be someone with enough power to change what is around me. I have started to see things happen as I work with a clearer goal. I am also sure that the school believes in me and in all of its students, no matter how skilled they are. I thank The British School for my wonderful past and all it will still do for my future and for the world. Keep up with the good work! Please send my greetings to all teachers! Marcos Hess Akstein

April 19, 2007



DSCN0079 DSCN0083

Edoardo Oliveira’94, also none as Dodô, and Daniela got married on March 31st 2007. A beautiful ceremony and amazing party celebrated with family and friends took place at Forte Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Several friends from the good old days at The British School were present: Eduardo Muniz‘93, Tatiana Bacal‘94, Amélia Clark‘94, Carol Bozzi‘94, Adriana Nogueira de Andrade (Dricka)‘94, Júlio Mesquita‘94, André Jakurski‘94, Igor Santa-Maria‘94, Antonio Souza (Bindi)‘94, Rafael Fritsch‘95, Rafael Lacerda‘95, Julia Fritsch‘96.

We wish lots of happiness to the newly wed!

December 19, 2006

Life after The British School and beyond …


Adriana Andrade, Development & Communications Officer

Love Story at TBS!

Convite Dea e Will Pagina 1 Convite Dea e Will Pagina 2

Who would actually havepredicted, back in 1991, that a little bit of romance at a friend’s birthday party at ‘Mikonos’ would end up in “I DO!”? That is the amazing and beautiful story of Andrea Dantas´95 and William Makant´92. Dea completed her IGCSE’s in school in 1993, when her family moved to Salvador – Bahia. She lived there until 2003, graduating in Medical School, and then moved to São Paulo, for her Medical Residency in “General Surgery”. As some of you may know, William also lived in São Paulo for a long time, but he was transferred in 2003 to Salvador… Can you believe that? Destiny felt it was not time yet for them to remeet! Will graduated from TBS in 1992 – the first I.B. Class to graduate in the school. He moved to São Paulo and joined his father in the family company for one year. In 1994 he joined USP University and in 1999 graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He was hired by ‘Ford’ as an ‘Engine Engineer’ and was then transferred to their plant in Camaçari, on the outskirts of Salvador in 2003. It was another TBS Alumni who made the link. Isabel Cantidiano´96, a good friend of Barbara Makant´93, William’s sister, also kept in touch with Dea. During a night out with friends, just before Will moved to Camaçari, Bel mentioned that Dea lived in Salvador and that she had her number! William and Andrea had kept in touch, via letters, phone calls and fax (email was not that common, yet!) until 1996, but they had then lost touch… and now Bel had a current phone number! So you thought that was it? Not really! It was not until March 2004 when they finally re-meet! In the words of William: “Só nos encontramos mesmo em Março de 2004 porque a Andrea é uma pessoa muito difícil de se convencer a sair, …”  

But in that same year Andrea had already made plans to move to the UK. She went to London for her Masters in Health Management. She now works at the “Healthcare Practice” at Accenture, a Consulting and IT company. After almost two years of a ‘long distance‘ relationship, many emails, expensive phone bills and a few trips back and forth over the Atlantic, in March 2006, William was transferred to Ford UK, based in London. He is now “Engine Supervisor for the Regulatory Emissions Program”, working with Rocam Flex engines for Brazil. On the subject of ‘family’ news: Renata, Andrea’s sister, also moved to London for her Masters in Architecture. Barbara, William’s sister, was in London during 2006, for her Masters in Law and is now in Paris for a two-month internship. But you can all be assured that they were all back in Salvador, on December 16th, for the wedding for Dea and Will! The British School family could not be happier for being ‘responsible’ for bringing the two of them together. We wish you both every happiness and success in your lives together!

If you have been a student at The British School, Rio de Janeiro and would like to let us know what you have been up to since you left school, please contact

Adriana Nogueira de Andrade ´94 at
(+55-21) 2535-2717 ext 164 and/or