April 7, 2011

TAABS 2011′s Children

Bernardo - Juliana Bahiense Faria'98

Bernardo – Juliana Bahiense Faria’98

Davi - Edoardo Oliveira'94

Davi – Edoardo Oliveira’94

Gabriel - Will Makant'92 Andrea Dantas'95

Gabriel – Will Makant’92 Andrea Dantas’95

Lara - David Pinto'96

Lara – David Pinto’96


June 7, 2010

William Makant – Class of 1992


William Makant’1992 sent us news:

“Plumis (http://www.plumis.co.uk/), the start-up I co-founded has finally launched it first product, and at the prestigious Grand Designs Live event in London! The event happened at “Grand Designs Live 2010″, from May 1st to May 9th, at ExCeL, London, UK.”


 Way to go Will! :)

June 7, 2010

Tatiana Crockett (née Victorio) – Class of 1992


TATIAN~1Tatiana got in touch with us at the beginning of the year. She was at TBS-RJ from 1986 to 1989, from Class 4 to Class 8, and then left for a Brazilian school. At that time, the school did not have an effective programme for children who wanted to stay in Brazil, so many of our students would leave at the end of Class 8.

She stayed in Rio for another 2 years but ended up moving with her family to Miami, Florida (USA). She then attended and graduated from the University of Miami in 1997; and until 2008 worked as a Social Worker at the Guardian ad Litem Program, in the 11th Judicial Circuit of Miami-Dade County, at the Juvenile Justice Center.  In 2008, she became a Legal Assistant at an established South Florida law firm, Shutts & Bowen LLP, where she still works today. She is “a proud parent of a 6 year old, Tyghe”.   She is now focused on becoming an integral part of her firms’ International Litigation Practice Group.

She remembers several ex-students and would love to get in touch with them. Friends like: Roberta Wanderley Azevedo, Mariana Conde, Samantha Hughes, Adriana Aguiar (Cotrim), Bruna Clark, Alessandra Orgler, Fernanda Monta, Janaina, Yuri Assis, Tamur, Rodrigo Bianchini, Emil, Robert, Dominique, Paola, … If you would like to get in touch with Tatiana, please contact the school at aandrade@britishschool.g12.br

Thank you for getting in touch with us, Tatiana, and congratulations on the great life achievements!

December 3, 2009

Bruna Clark’1992 and Julia


Former student, Bruna Clark’92, is very happy to introduce us to her baby girl, Julia Clark de Souza, born on May 8th 2009 at Casa de Saúde São José, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Mother says she is already “rubro-negra de coração”! We wish all the best for Bruna, Julia and family.


June 19, 2007

Better late than never… News from Dimitrios Manoukis’94


Dimitrios James Chirivas Manoukis’94 and Molly Jean Bettinger were married Oct. 18, 2003, in an outdoor ceremony at the Endwell Greens Country Club, Endwell – New York-USA. The bride is the daughter of Patrick and Carolyn Bettinger, of Lacona. The groom is the son of Chrysanthi Fairchild, of Brooklyn, and the late Demosthenes Manoukis. Matron of honour was Rachel Dingman, sister of the bride. Nicholas Manoukis’92, brother of the groom, was best man. It was great to have news from Dimi! Congratulations and all the best to the Manoukis family!

December 19, 2006

Life after The British School and beyond …


Adriana Andrade, Development & Communications Officer

Love Story at TBS!

Convite Dea e Will Pagina 1 Convite Dea e Will Pagina 2

Who would actually havepredicted, back in 1991, that a little bit of romance at a friend’s birthday party at ‘Mikonos’ would end up in “I DO!”? That is the amazing and beautiful story of Andrea Dantas´95 and William Makant´92. Dea completed her IGCSE’s in school in 1993, when her family moved to Salvador – Bahia. She lived there until 2003, graduating in Medical School, and then moved to São Paulo, for her Medical Residency in “General Surgery”. As some of you may know, William also lived in São Paulo for a long time, but he was transferred in 2003 to Salvador… Can you believe that? Destiny felt it was not time yet for them to remeet! Will graduated from TBS in 1992 – the first I.B. Class to graduate in the school. He moved to São Paulo and joined his father in the family company for one year. In 1994 he joined USP University and in 1999 graduated in Mechanical Engineering. He was hired by ‘Ford’ as an ‘Engine Engineer’ and was then transferred to their plant in Camaçari, on the outskirts of Salvador in 2003. It was another TBS Alumni who made the link. Isabel Cantidiano´96, a good friend of Barbara Makant´93, William’s sister, also kept in touch with Dea. During a night out with friends, just before Will moved to Camaçari, Bel mentioned that Dea lived in Salvador and that she had her number! William and Andrea had kept in touch, via letters, phone calls and fax (email was not that common, yet!) until 1996, but they had then lost touch… and now Bel had a current phone number! So you thought that was it? Not really! It was not until March 2004 when they finally re-meet! In the words of William: “Só nos encontramos mesmo em Março de 2004 porque a Andrea é uma pessoa muito difícil de se convencer a sair, …”  

But in that same year Andrea had already made plans to move to the UK. She went to London for her Masters in Health Management. She now works at the “Healthcare Practice” at Accenture, a Consulting and IT company. After almost two years of a ‘long distance‘ relationship, many emails, expensive phone bills and a few trips back and forth over the Atlantic, in March 2006, William was transferred to Ford UK, based in London. He is now “Engine Supervisor for the Regulatory Emissions Program”, working with Rocam Flex engines for Brazil. On the subject of ‘family’ news: Renata, Andrea’s sister, also moved to London for her Masters in Architecture. Barbara, William’s sister, was in London during 2006, for her Masters in Law and is now in Paris for a two-month internship. But you can all be assured that they were all back in Salvador, on December 16th, for the wedding for Dea and Will! The British School family could not be happier for being ‘responsible’ for bringing the two of them together. We wish you both every happiness and success in your lives together!

If you have been a student at The British School, Rio de Janeiro and would like to let us know what you have been up to since you left school, please contact

Adriana Nogueira de Andrade ´94 at
(+55-21) 2535-2717 ext 164 and/or