April 3, 2009

And here is Helena Oliveira Gentil de Souza Sá

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(According to the father – “nome de princesa!!!”)

By: Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, Admissions, Communications & Marketing Officer

Helena Oliveira Gentil de Souza Sá

On November 27th 2008 Marcelo Sá’96 and Clara had a beautiful baby girl. Helena arrived in Nova Lima – MG, Brazil, and in January 2009 moved with the family to Rio de Janeiro. The godparents Fabio Sá’2000 and Thaissa Sá’2005 are very proud indeed and try to enjoy every moment possible with her. Soon after they moved to Rio, Fabio Sá’2000 and Roberta got married. The wedding took place on January 31st 2009 at the ‘Santa Teresinha Church’ (Palácio Guanabara) and the party went on at the Fluminense Football Club party hall.

Fabio Sá'2000 and Roberta

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! Helena was just two months old, but there she was at the godfather’s wedding… in her diapers as it was just too hot! ☺ Also present were Rafael Gryner’2000, Felipe Abeid’2000, Leonardo Viegas’2000, Paulo Niemeyer Neto’2000, Thomaz Vidal’2000, Marcos Carnier’1999, Rodrigo Lampreia’1999, Rafael Grabowsky’1999, Antonio Cotrim’1999, Felippe Lara’1999, André Carnier’1997, Rafael Mellin-Sale’1996 and Michael Stanford’2001. Grandparents Andréa Nogueira Gentil and Carlos Roberto de Albuquerque Sá, very proud of their children indeed, enjoyed the party all night long. On the very next day it was Thaissa Sá’2005’s time to fly away. She is now at Leeds University, England, on the scholarship programme via PUC-Rio for her major in Management and Communications. Once again The British School, Rio de Janeiro congratulates the Sá family on their beautiful path through life!

Fabio Sá'2000 Marriage

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