October 17, 2016

An Example to be Followed

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(Arlete Santos, PTA Community Service Committee Head, and Bárbara Pantoja selling Paglia Italiana)

It´s important, that our children learn from early on to be solidary. A small gesture, not only gratifies the one who receives, but also the one who is helped.

 On special days it is the Paglia Italiana day at Bárbara Pantoja’s house – a 5 years old and Reception student at the Barra Unit.  When she comes home she goes directly to the kitchen. She mixes up the ingredients and starts working to guarantee a delicious pan of her favorite sweet. Its destination is the Bake Sale which happens every Wednesday at the Barra site.


Encouraged by her mom, Bárbara prepares everything for the following day: “I help the children who cannot walk and need a wheelchair and that other… What is it called again, mammy?” “Crutches”, answers the mother and journalist Samantha Mendes. “And I also help to buy books for the schools which don’t have that many books”, Bárbara completes. “Casa Arte e Vida”, teaches the mother.

It is with this straightforward reasoning that Bárbara now, besides preparing the sweet, also started to help selling as well. “I tell people that it’s delicious and that I made it”, she summarizes.

(“I tell people that it´s delicious and that I made it” – Bárbara Pantoja – Reception Barra Unit)


At the end of last year, Bárbara invited her class friends – all 4 years old – to visit a kindergarten which was created by her grandfather. Everyone brought toys and they spend the afternoon at EDI Porfirio Dias in Vargem Grande.

“I try to make Bárbara understand the importance of getting off the couch and doing something for somebody else. Not only to donate. Donating food is very easy for someone who has a full grocery stock.  I want my daughter to get out of that comfort zone, to understand that she is privileged and that she is committed to humanity”, explains Samantha.

(Visiting kindergarten EDI Porfirio Dias with her school friends)


By participating at the Bake Sale, Bárbara knows that she is helping those she calls “friends”. And seeing her initiative repeated can be good for everyone. “If everyone brings something to sell we will have more money and we also will have more delicious sweets at the Bake Sale!!! Sometimes there was not Paglia Italiana when I came to buy. Now there is! And mine is the best of all”, guarantees the little vendor.



(Bárbara Pantoja and her delicious Paglia Italiana)



We encourage children and their parents to join and bring home-baked items to school to our weekly Bake Sale. All funds go to two local NGOs which the Barra unit supports, Casa Arte Vida and One by One.
 The Bake Sale at Barra is coordinated since 2011 by the PTA Community Service Committee Head, Arlete Santos, who has a daughter in Class 9 in 2016 (Luiza Santos). Many moms help by making cakes and sweets or selling them during the Bake Sale. They also sell second-hand uniforms and books every once in a while. All procedures go to the two sponsored NGOs.
 Thanks to all these moms and the Bake Sale, One by One can donate 2 wheelchairs per month and Casa Arta Vida can pay its monthly grocery expenses!!
 For more information, please go to: http://www.tbspta.com.br/web/index.php/committees/community-services
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