In 1999, three ex-students decided to start TAABS – The Alumni Association of The British School. They were Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’1994, Antonio (Bindi) Souza’1994 and Eduardo Muniz’1993

The Executive Committee was composed by the following members: Eduardo Muniz’1993, Antonio (Bindi) Souza’1994, Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’1994, Marcelo Sá’1996, Carlos Eduardo Spertini’1994, plus up to 8 co-opted members.

There were several meetings to discuss ideas, and one representative of the school was always there to help. She was Susan Malpas (Development Officer) and added lots of experience to the project.

Susan Malpas

A Statute was created., very informal and voluntary.  In all meetings the main aims were how to re-connect with the school and to re-unite old friends – and for that, it would be needed to track them down. By that time, e-mails and internet were an easy contact way already.

A list was made of all students the committee could remember of each class – having graduated or not from the school. A database was started.

The first Alumni Reunion in school was organized in August of 1999. It was a nice party in school, with the presence of several ex-students from the 90’s and teachers. Everyone that came in registered, increasing the associate numbers. After that, several smaller reunions -at least one per term- were organized and the photos and news were always sent by email to all the registered alumni.

See some this meetings here

In 2005 the school took lead on the Association, and invited Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’1994 to be responsible for Communications and Development area, which included the Alumni Association. After that, the main focuses were:

  • Trying to collect contact info on all graduates since 1992 – something really difficult until today.
  • Start e-mailing ex-students the school newsletter – so they could see how the school was doing.
  • Start emailing ex-students asking what they had been doing, how was life after school, and using it in the school newsletter.
  • Still organizing small get-togethers at local bars – Antonio (Bindi) Souza’1994 made this work out nicely.
  • Publishing photos and informing everyone when several alumni who live abroad come home to see their families near Christmas.

TAABS supported campaigns such as the one started by friends of Carlos Eduardo Spertini’1994. Carlos has been our school webmaster since 2002, and during January 1995, he suffered a serious accident, becoming physically impaired.

Along with TAABS, his friends started a campaign to help him fundraise a trip to the USA to purchase a wheel chair that would help him improve his quality of life and support him on daily life. The response was overwhelming. In less than 24 hours there were people from all over the world donating and successfully supporting his cause.

“They say friends are the brothers and sisters we choose. True… but what to say about such gestures from you all? And many of you don’t even know me! I don’t know. But today I want to stop and thank you, because you are admirable people. Not only because, together, you proved you make dreams come true but also because we’ve been, we are, and will always be part of this family called ‘The British School, Rio de Janeiro – Knowledge and Friendship!’
Sincerely, just thank you is not enough, so I wish God may bless everyone on what is most needed.
 At least the part of not knowing me I can remedy! :-)

Carlos Eduardo Spertini’1994”

Carlos Eduardo Spertini na cadeira

You can see photos of Carlos’ trip in here.

The Association was also involved in Charity Projects such as TBS help for the victims of Landslides in Itaipava in 2011. Along with The British School, TAABS has made a significant donation in support of the victims and a wide range of basic materials and equipment was quickly delivered to the Red Cross headquarters in Rio de Janeiro.

TAABS wishes to continue promoting its Mission always! Join in and help us!

TAABS – Friendship & Memories