How to Apply

Placement of Pupils

Placement of pupils in a year group depends on the applicant’s academic record, level of English and age. (for more information on class equivalency please check our table of comparison).

How to Apply

To apply to our school, please fill in the online Application process at Once the application is received, the Admissions team will contact the family to schedule a visit to the school and to talk about the next steps in the admissions process.

All applicants are observed, screened or tested before a decision on entry is made. The procedure depends on the age of the child, as does the criteria applied. Children applying to Pre-Nursery and Nursery are not required to have knowledge of English, but, from Reception, the level of the child’s English becomes important. The parents’ level of English and their view of education are also taken into consideration.


In order to formally register at the school, all students must complete the registration and medical forms supplied by the school and submit a copy of their birth certificate. In the case of foreign pupils, an official translation of the child’s birth certificate is required, together with copies of the identification pages of the child’s and his/her parents’ passports.

All pupils transferring from other schools must present their previous school reports and documentation in order to place them correctly within the regulations laid down by Brazilian Educational Law. The documents required are previous school transcripts (histórico escolar), with a statement of the pupil’s final grades from all school years since the beginning of his/her formal education at age of 5 (five) to the most recent grade. For pupils coming from abroad (including Brazilians), school transcripts must be be taken to the Local Authorities and/or to Brazilian Consulate or Embassy nearest to the school where the report was issued to be officially acknowledged. The exact location or institute that will acknowledge the Reports will vary from country to country. We suggest you contact the local Brazilian Consulate in the country of origin of the school, to verify this. However, please note that these Reports need to be legalised before you move to Brazil.
Exceptions: school documents issued in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela do NOT need to be notarized. It is still essential that you bring the original signed paper reports, since age of 5, but no notarization is required. These documents must be submitted to the school within 30 days of the school’s offer of acceptance. For details on documentation, please refer to Required Documentation for Enrolment Process.

It is also required that you send us copies of their past report cards, with grades from 3 years prior to entering The British School; and copies of school work done by them (e.g.: samples of Maths, English writing, Sciences –
it can be anything such as copies of exams, tests, exercises, essays, notebooks, etc..), and recommendation letters from their teachers and/or coordinators.


The prospective student will be finally admitted upon completion of all entrance requirements. These include: meeting the entry criteria set out for each section of the school; completing all internal and external official documentation; and the payment of all financial obligations. When this process is complete, the Admissions team will arrange the formal induction of the child into the school.

The school follows the southern hemisphere calendar with classes running from February to December. We will also take that into consideration once recommending an year group to your child. All places at The British School are conditional on good effort and a level of academic progress which allows the student to proceed to the next stage with good prospects of profiting from it. Students who fail to achieve this may be asked to repeat a year. In cases where the student is clearly not profiting, he/she may be asked to find alternative educational provision.

Waiting Lists

There are times when there is a high demand for places and a year group is full. In such cases, should a child qualify for entry, he or she may be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list operates strictly according to the date of receipt of the application form, however, priority will be given to children who fulfil the criteria stated in the admissions policy.