Admissions Info

Thank you for your interest in The British School, Rio de Janeiro. More detailed information can also be found in other areas of our website, especially in the Prospectus.

The first step is for you to please fill in the online Application process at – one for each child. With this, we will be able to identify the unit of your interest (Barra, Botafogo or Urca), and also the availability of places; and then set a visit to the unit. Please fill in an Application Form and contact us so we can arrange a visit, show you around and discuss how our school can assist your family.

The School’s main entry points are the Pre-Nursery and Nursery year groups (2 to 4 years old). Nevertheless, entry is possible in any year group, subject to availability of places and entry assessment. The school cannot guarantee places although priority is given to British and Commonwealth citizens, siblings of pupils already on roll, returning families and the children of former The British School, Rio de Janeiro students. However, the acceptance of a pupil is never automatic; each child must fulfil the entry criteria in his or her own right.

As we follow the southern hemisphere calendar, classes run from February to December. Once your children arrive here they will go through the entry assessment process.  Provided they pass the test to enter the school, the test will be used to decide in which class to place them. The class they will be placed in is based not only on their age (birth date) or previous school year group, but also on the assessment and interview done at our school. For more information on class equivalency please check our table of comparison.

FAQ-Detailed Information on Application Process

  1. Applications for both immediate and future entry are considered at any time throughout the year. A child will only be placed on the entry list once you complete application process online. Emails, phone calls and visit to the school do not qualify for entry on the list. Therefore, we suggest that you fill in the application soon as possible, even if you do not have the requested documents and photos. Documents and photos can be sent to us later on.
  2. There are not costs for submitting the Application.
  3. Sending in the application does not commit you to enrolling your child at our school.
  4. Sending in the application does not guarantee a place at our school, but the sooner you send it, the easier it is for us to work on the space availability and confirm it with you.
  5. Priority admissions are given to British and Commonwealth citizens, siblings of pupils already on roll, returning families and the children of former The British School, Rio de Janeiro students. However, the acceptance of a pupil is never automatic; each child must fulfil the entry criteria in his or her own right.
  6. The entry list operates strictly according to the date of receipt of the application, with priority given to children who fulfil the criteria stated in the admissions policy (as above).

Required Documentation for Initial Application

  1. Copy of child’s birth certificate (please send by email)
  2. Copy of parents’ Brazilian ID or copies of parents’ Passports for Non-Brazilians (please send by email)

Required Documentation for Assessment/Evaluation

  1. copies of their past report cards (2 years of reports including most current one) – (please send by email);
  2. copies of current/recent school work done by them (eg: samples of Maths, English, Sciences – it can be anything such as copies of tests, exercises, notebooks, etc..) – (please send by email); and
  3. recommendation letters (please send by email).

Required Documentation for Enrolment Process

Documents Required for actual Enrolment (final phase for entry):

  1. For students coming from abroad (including Brazilians)please get the original on paper of the End of Year Report Cards for the last 2 (two) years of school + the most recent School Report Card (2 years of full reports + 1 semester when appropriate).  These original Reports must be notarized by PUBLIC NOTARY (for countries that are part of “The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents”,  known as the “Apostille Convention”).  If in doubt, we suggest you contact the local Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in the country of origin of the school, to verify this. However, please note that all of these Reports must be legalised before you move to Brazil.

Exceptionsschool documents issued in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela do NOT need to be notarized.  It is still essential that you bring the original signed paper reports as stated above, but no notarization is required.

  1. All Reports issued in any other language than Portuguese or Spanish, must be officially translated to Portuguese (translation can be done in Brazil after you arrive) by a sworn translator (tradutor juramentado).
  2. For students transferring from other schools in Brazil: original on paper of the previous school transcripts in Portuguese (histórico escolar), with a statement of the pupil’s final grades from the beginning of his/her formal education at the age of 5 to the most recent grade (from Pré-2 onwards). 
  3. Digital Photographs of your child (passport style showing child’s face - it can be sent by email)
  4. A photocopy of your child’s vaccination card(it can be sent by email)
  5. For foreigners only: photocopies of the identification pages of the child’s and parents´ passports. (it can be sent by email)
  6. For birth certificates issued in other language than Portuguese or Spanish, an official translation to Portuguese is required by Brazilian law – to be done by a sworn translator. (translation can be done in Brazil)

Donation Fee and Monthly Fees

With regards to fees, please contact us.

REQUIRED DONATION for entry – Development Fund (one-time fee on entry – values annually revised)

A contribution to the school’s Development Fund will be charged at the time a child enters the school. This fund is maintained strictly for major development projects and its use is controlled by the Board of Governors.

MONTHLY FEES – 12 monthly fees per year – From January to December (values annually revised) – include the following costs:

  •  regular classes from 8 am to 3 pm and the entire curriculum – including music, arts, drama theatre, ICT (Computer), Physical Education classes, other language lessons depending on pupil’s age (French and Spanish), other services and programmes such as Student Council, House system, Pastoral Care and Guidance including career and university entrance guidance, etc.;
  • Meals – snacks and lunch
  • All material – books, notebooks, pen, pencils, art material, several musical instruments, etc. (except for personal objects and some books in Portuguese);
  • Daytrips.


  1. There are no annual re-enrolment fees.
  2. There are no deductions for siblings regarding monthly fees.
  3. For children joining the school in February, payments of monthly fees are required starting in January of the entry year (backdated)
  4. For children joining the school in August, payments of monthly fees are required starting in July of the entry year (backdated)

The monthly fees do not include the following costs:

  • Extra-curricular activities from Nursery onwards (classes after 15:00h such as ballet, judo, capoeira, gymnastics, football, etc…). These are organized by the PTA and have individual costs. Classes are usually 2 days a week.
  • School uniform (you can buy them in stores which we will inform you the location)
  • Transport to school (school buses are available but organized by other companies which deal directly with parents).  They are not controlled nor supervised by the school.
  • Residential Year Group Trips (starting at the age of 10 they might have 1 trip per year to places nearby. They might spend from 2 to 5 days in the trip and costs for transport and accommodation are not included in the fees).
  • Other Residential Trips related to Duke of Edinburgh programme, Community Service, MUN (Model United Nations) programme, etc.

Parents withdrawing a child within 2 years of the child starting school may request repayment of the Required Donation as follows:

  • 50% return for departure within the first year
  • 25% return for departure within the second year

Requests for returns of the Required Donation beyond the two-year timeframe will not be granted.

Pupils who leave the school and return at a later date are not charged any further Donation or any return fee.

A variety of residential trips are organised for students both to places of educational interest in Brazil and overseas. Costs for these trips are not included in tuition fees and must be paid for separately. The following residential trips have been organised annually in previous years:
Class 6 – Pantanal Trip
Class 7 - Foz do Iguaçu Trip
Classes 10 & 11 – Ouro Preto (biannual for SBS students)
Class 10 – CAS Mauá Trip
Class 3 – Petrópolis Trip
Class 4 – Parati Trip
Class 5 – Itatiaia Trip

Optional trips usually occur during school holidays or over the weekend, with the exception of sports tournaments. International trips are organised by various departments of the Secondary School. These have included Art & Drama trips to New York or London, French trips to Quebec or Paris and Spanish trips to Argentina or Chile. Students in the Secondary School who participate in team sports may also be involved in inter-school competitions outside Rio de Janeiro twice yearly. Students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme are involved in outdoor pursuit trips over the weekend. In all cases, costs are not included in the tuition fee and must be paid for separately.

Other costs involve personal school materials (a minor ‘School Materials List’ is sent to Primary pupils), some Portuguese books, and registration fees for external examinations (IGCSE and IB), transportation and school uniform.

Where to Send the Application Form and Documents

All Applications shall be done online at .

If you have any other doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and regards,

Admissions, Communications & Marketing Department