From the Finance Administrative Manager


Welcome to the British School!
The main objective of the administration is to manage the rational use of resources through planning, organization and control, providing the Educational Departments the necessary tools and conditions to contribute to the achievement of the School’s objectives and goals. Not forgetting to work as a team and always being able to learn together with the whole School Community.

For this to happen the administration has been organized based on the strength of each sector with well-defined interfaces of each one, always working as a team, they are: General Services, Treasury, Accountant, Internal Auditing, Admissions & Marketing, Human Resources, Purchase & Stock, Maintenance, ICT, Expats’ Department, Gate & Security (traffic), Secretaries & Reception, Nurses & Nannies and Nutritionists.

The Secretaries and Reception have under their responsibility the gentle and niece welcome to those who come looking for our School and our community; informing and establishing a good communication.

The Treasury Department has under their responsibility the whole financial control; this means that all payments and receivables are managed by this team.

The Accountant oversees many of the back-office functions together with the treasury department, and keeps the property records and all the books in order. This department handles day-to-day financial record-keeping and analysis.

Internal Auditing team check the work of several administration departments and its procedures.

Admissions & Marketing are responsible for the whole process of the new students coming to our School. Some years ago they also received the responsibility of taking care of our marketing, a new segment growing very fast and being very successful with their actions.

Human Resources overview all admissions of new employees, payroll and all the legal requirements; also the staff development of the administration team.

ICT overview all the technical support and ERP systems we have.

Maintenance and General Services assure the good conditions of the sites’ installations and cleaning, adding and helping the great ambience we see every day at the sites.

The expats’ department overview the necessity and the whole legal process for the expats arriving to work with us.

Purchase & Stock has the main aim to receive the request of all departments and buy them keeping the School ready to deliver the curriculum and functioning.

Gate & Security have the main responsibility of help the sites to control access and the security of students, parents, employees and properties. Huge responsibility in the begin of the day and in the end together with the traffic staff.

The nurses and nannies work very closely to the students helping them with medicines, small accidents and the smaller ones with bathroom.

The School’s Nutritionists are here to help us to have a health menu in our meals, within the best practices of the market and legislation as all the departments above. For our administration team is really important to work together, respecting the legal requirements and always innovating.

It is also important not to forget all the third parties that help the administration and the whole School to function so well and look so beautiful, healthy and safe; we have third parties working with us in the Catering, gardens, security, swimming pool, traffic, and maintenance of cameras, security system, elevators, air conditioners, and so on.

The administration has been heavily involved in all the last big developments of the School. All the great achievements of the Administration team in the last years is a direct consequence of the tireless effort of developing all the work with quality, efficient, and a lot of love.

Welcome once more, best wishes!

Claudia Ribeiro