June 14, 2016

Botafogo – Class 2 – Shaping Up


Class 2 took part in fabulous entry point activity! The entry points are not only fun but they attempt to create an atmosphere that is familiar to the students.  Class 2 had fun learning that the body is the most valuable thing they will ever own and to keep it fit and healthy is a lifetime job!




June 7, 2016

Botafogo Site – Upper Primary – Arts


Upper Primary has seen a great amount of creativity with Ms Lucy creating a display of the C5 Picasso-inspired masks, and C4 students engaged in a Papier-mâché and Gesso activity.

The C4 work has been expertly designed to link to their Learning Unit, ‘Existing, Endangered, Extinct’, and to the work they did related to food webs and invertebrates, amongst other things whilst in Paraty. Many thanks to the many skillful and creative teachers for their hard work and ideas to produce these fantastic learning opportunities.

Class 4







Class 5