April 7, 2016

TBS partnership with the British Olympic Association


The British School, Rio de Janeiro is excited to officially announce that it is working in partnership with the British Olympic Association (BOA) so that Team GB athletes will be able to use certain facilities at the school’s Barra Site during the Olympic Games in August 2016.

TeamGB and TBS logo - PNG

Key members of staff from the BOA have beenvisiting Rio, and specifically our Barra Unit, for some considerable time in connection with their preparations for the upcoming Games. They envisage using our school as a facility for athletes to meet their friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere and also for performance consultations and light training with their coaches and trainers.




The construction work at the Barra Site will largely be finished by the end of July 2016. Our special visitors to the school during August will therefore have an impressive back drop of the new Senior School building to complement their use of existing facilities.

TBS is proud to be involved with the Olympic event through supporting Team GB in its effort to win as many medals as possible in the various competitions held across the city.



On Monday 28th March, the partnership between TBS and the BOA was officially announced during a reception held at the Barra Site. Around 65 BOA officials, members of the Board of Governors and senior staff were in attendance and the CEO of BOA, Bill Sweeney, and Chef de Mission, Mark England, thanked the TBS community for their help and support and presented the TBS Director with a plaque to commemorate the partnership.

2016-03-28 The British School & Team GB - PARA O GLOBO





April 7, 2016

TBS Strategic Plan


For the past couple of years, the Board of Governors and Senior Leadership have been working closely together to devise a new structure and format for the school’s Strategic Plan. This plan clearly lays out important goals for all aspects of the school, showing how we can move towards our vision and mission from our foundation of 3 Core Values (Compassion, Integrity and Determination), which I reported on in my previous newsletter.


We believe that our school’s purpose, aims and aspirations are supported by 7 “Strategic Pillars” which are graphically illustrated in the diagram below. For each of the “Pillars” we have summarised a number major goals, expressed in more detail by objectives. These goals and objectives drive our whole school and separate site development plans which direct our energy and attention towards shorter term priorities but in a unified and cohesive way.


Progressively we will be informing the school community about our work with development planning and the colourful Strategic Pillars, depicted as classroom pencils, will become a common feature displayed in every room of the school as a reminder of the direction and aims of TBS. We will soon be presenting the new-look Strategic Plan at the upcoming ABE Annual General Meeting for final approval at the end of April.


Seven coloured pencils

April 6, 2016

Botafogo Site – Infant 1 – Naif Museum


The Infant 1 children went to the Naif Museum in Cosme Velho and had great fun making their own dragon out of egg boxes. Thanks to all the parents who sent the egg boxes to school.






April 6, 2016

Urca Site – Coming soon, The World Scholar´s Cup 29th-30th April


We are delighted to announce that TBS will be hosting a regional round of the global competition the World Scholar´s Cup at the end of April. The scholar´s cup is a competition but more than this is a celebration of learning. Teams of three compete against each other over four competitions including team debate, interactive quizzes, collaborative writing a multiple choice in six subject areas. There are two levels: a junior event from 11-14 years old and a senior form 15-18 and teams compete for trophies and the right to attend the final to be held in Prague in July. To date we have teams from six schools participating so we are hoping many students from the whole school will sign up to take the challenge.

In the words of World Scholar´s Cup founder Daniel Berdichevsky:

The artist Austin Kleon once advised his students, “Draw the art you want to see, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use.”

In designing the World Scholar’s Cup, my team and I have always kept something similar in mind: to design a program we wish we could have attended when we were students.

That’s why the World Scholar’s Cup may look like a competition, but isn’t one at all. It’s a celebration of learning. It brings together many subjects, because before we can begin to specialize, we need to see the big picture. It challenges teams to work together, because there’s nothing harder or more inspiring than knowing that someone else depends on you. And it deals with serious global issues without taking itself too seriously, because I’m convinced that before we can fall in love with learning, we have to find the fun in learning.

For further information visit the website at http://www.scholarscup.org/