March 31, 2016

Urca Site – Science Workshop


On Wednesday 23rd March, TBS hosted a talk led by Dr. Saleem Abdelrauf, a leading global neurosurgeon who gives workshops to all over the world. We were fortunate that Dr Abdelrauf was able to take timeout of his busy schedule to speak to our IB students. He delivered a highly motivational talk and was able to bring our students up to speed with the latest advances in this fascinating area of Science. The students’ response was highly appreciative with many of them commenting on how much they’d enjoyed the talk and how much they appreciated Dr. Abdelrauf´s interactive approach. Our thanks go to Ms. Ana Carolina Fernandes for organising the lecture.


March 22, 2016

Barra Unit – Kangaroo Mathematics Competition


On Thursday, March 17 students from classes 2-11 – Barra Unit were involved with the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition.

The Kangaroo Competition is the most traditional and popular mathematics competition in the world. On that day, more than 7 million students from over 50 countries were doing the test.

The competition consists of 24 non-routine problems that involve deductive reasoning and creative problem solving skills.

Once answers have been submitted, grade boundaries are established for the winning prizes.

Prizes are given in 3 categories: bronze medals, silver medals and gold medals.

Last year, 39 students were awarded medals, which was an impressive number! All over the world, only 6% of all students involved are awarded medals, and we had medals presented to 13% of the students involved.

Congratulations to all students who took part and looking forward to fantastic results again!

If you want to learn more about the competition:


Ms Elaine West

Senior Mathematics Dept

Kangaroo Competition

March 22, 2016

Botafogo Site – Class 4 – ‘No Blinking in Class’


Reading poetry aloud in the classroom can foster trust and empathy, while also empathising speaking and listening skills. As well as reciting poems for the Library poetry competition, the children in Class 4 also had a go at writing their own. I hope you enjoy this humorous excerpt from Arthur and Bueno.


No Blinking In Class

By Arthur and Bueno


We had a teacher who was extremely strict.

You weren’t allowed to blink in her lessons.

She used to stand at the front yelling,


The exhausted ones would just close their eyes and sleep

When they woke up the teacher would be standing in front

of them with a bazuca grinning


And she sent them to a terrifically bright room

So they could do their work but couldn’t sleep

And there was always an unpleasant kid going

“Miss can I go out to do some blinking?”

And she would say,


“Come on miss, come on!”

Did you know that at the beginning of the week there were 48 kids in our class

By the end of the week there were only 4 left

At the end of the day we would be stepping over kids just to get out of class

Oh no, there`s Cecilia what a shame she was so nice

Hahaha. There´s Carlos. I always knew he was a bit weak.

March 22, 2016

Botafogo Site – Class 2 – Inspired By Technology


How would a scavenger hunt of the future look like? This is what Class 2 prepared for their exit point activity. The children learned to use QR codes and the Aurasma app to produce interactive treasure maps full of visual clues and information. Watch this space!

“Aurasma’s utility stems from its ability to engage students through technology and also add new dimensions to the learning experience. The more ways a concept is learned, the more memory pathways are built, making the information easier to recall.”





March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Class 4 – Museu Histórico Nacional


The children in Class 4 enjoyed their visit to the Museu Histórico Nacional  in March. In class, the children are learning about Brazilian history and placing key events in a chronological timeline. It was great for the children to see the exhibitions at the museum, which covered Brazil’s prehistory to the republican period.


March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Zika Posters


You will notice lots of posters around Botafogo Site at the moment, created by the children to promote the campaign about combating Zika, and how to avoid mosquito bites. Therefore, please help us to ensure that your child understands the importance of using repellent, by reinforcing the message at home.

Mr Simon
Head of Upper Primary and Lower Seniors


March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Class 2 – ICT Skills


In March I had at least one ‘lifelong learner’ moment, hearing about a new search engine website specifically for children. Ms Tatiana told me about Kiddle ( while we were in C2B’s ICT lesson, and I thought you might like to check it out for yourselves. It promises to only give search results that are appropriate and safe for children. The lesson that we joined saw the students contributing to their Google Classroom, listing characteristics and definitions of cyberbullying, to help them create their own presentations. It was wonderful to realise how knowledgeable the children already are about this important topic, and to see them using their ICT skills with such confidence. This would be a great opportunity for you to sit with your child and let them teach you about how to stay safe online.

Mr Simon
Head of Upper Primary and Lower Seniors



March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Infant 2 – Learning Unit 1, Who I Am?


As part of this first learning unit, Who am I? the Infant 2 children have been learning about ways to improve their skills when drawing portraits. Below you can see Guilherme Decotelli’s  and Lara Carneiro’s portraits done in three different lessons.



In addition, the children also learned to help their friends by assessing their friend’s second draft in order to help them improve the third draft. Well done!!


Ms Ana Augusto

MP1 Coordinator

March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Learning in Pre Nursery and Nursery


Ms Bia and I will hold a practical workshop on the 31st of March at 8.15 am. This is intended for parents of Pre-Nursery and Nursery children but is open to all parents at TBS. We will share with you the curriculum we follow and the learning that takes place in different activities such as sand, water or play dough. So the next time your child comes home and says all they did was play you will know what that means in terms of learning.

Mr Adam

Head of Lower Primary


March 15, 2016

Botafogo Site – Mathematics Project – Our Financial Community


Our class is implementing a classroom economy system during this school year called Our Financial Community. It’s an excellent tool for teaching financial responsibility and to introduce the students to some important economic terms, and I am sure the students will enjoy it. I want to let you know how it works.

Using the classroom “currency” (called galleons), students earn money for doing their usual work and pay taxes for the use of the room. They can earn bonus cash by doing extra work such as extension activities related to the topic, helping others, and earning excellent grades.

On the other hand, students who don’t meet classroom expectations will be fined some of their galleons. That could happen, for example, if they don’t complete assignments or don’t listen when other students are speaking.

The classroom economy helps students learn valuable life skills such as organisation, the value of saving, and delayed gratification. Rather than being told about the importance of these skills, they actually experience them. In addition, the system fits in well with of our curriculum.

We’ll also have a little fun with it. After paying taxes, students can save money to spend at monthly auctions where they get to bid on popular items. We would also welcome any small items you would like to contribute to our auctions, such as small toys, cards, pens, souvenirs, etc. The students will certainly enjoy themselves, and I know you will appreciate the skills and knowledge they learn along the way.

Our system is based on the “My Classroom Economy” program developed as a volunteer project by employees of Vanguard, one of the world’s largest investment management companies, in partnership with Rafe Esquith, an award-winning fifth-grade teacher who is the author of There Are No Shortcuts and Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire.

So don’t be surprised if your student comes home one day with questions about paying taxes or regrets about overbidding for an auction item. You might find it a great opportunity to have a thoughtful discussion about financial responsibility.