April 7, 2010

In honour of Gabriel Buchmann


On the 27th of February, 2010 Gabriel Buchmann was honoured with a hiking trail in his name. At the beginning of the trail, which leads to the “Pedra da Gávea”, in Rio de Janeiro, you can see this plaque and the wording re-written below.

If you would like to read more or see the filming of this event, please access:
Text: http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/Rio/0,,MUL1508221-5606,00-BRASILEIRO+MORTO+NA+AFRICA+GANHA+TRILHA+EM+SUA+HOMENAGEM+NO+RIO.html
Video: http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM1219455-7823-BRASILEIRO+MORTO+NA+AFRICA+GANHA+TRILHA+EM+SUA+HOMENAGEM+NO+RIO,00.html

Gabriel was also awarded the 2009 “Personalidade do Ano” in the ‘World’ section of the “O Globo” Prizes “Faz Diferença”. His mother, Ms Fatima Buchmann, French teacher at the Botafogo site, represented him at the award ceremony at the Copacabana Palace Hotel – Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday, 17th March 2010.
Please see: http://oglobo.globo.com/pais/mat/2010/03/17/faz-diferenca-mae-de-gabriel-buchmann-diz-que-fica-feliz-com-reconhecimento-do-trabalho-do-filho-916097164.asp

Gabriel Buchmann - placa

Trilha Gabriel Buchmann

Aqui, nesta trilha, Gabriel deu seus primeiros passos ruma a seus caminhos pelo nosso querido Brasil e pelo mundo.
Montanhista, Mestre em Economia, amanta da natureza e grande humanista, este jovem carioca usou seu brilho intelctual para a realização de um projeto humanitário.
Conheceu povos, culturas, religiões e paisagens diversas. Viveu e conviveu com as diferenças. Movido pelo amor dizia que a felicidade não estava apenas no destino, mas no próprio caminho. Entregou-se de corpo e alma a cada experiência. A muitos encantou e or muitos se encantou. Esta era sua bagagem para o doutorado em Polítcias Sociais na Universidade da Califórnia, com início marcado para setembro de 2009.
Contudo, ao final de sua jronada pelo mundo, concluiu sua última trilha no Monte Mulanje, Malawi – África.
E de lá, do alto daquela linda montanha, em julho de 2009, este engenheiro de sonhos preparou seu ninho de folhas, dormiu e acordou para uma projeto maior.
Subiu com Deus, deixando sua bela mensagem entre os homens.

Gabriel Buchmann’s Trail

Here, on this trail, Gabriel made his first steps in the direction to the paths of our dear Brazil and through the world. Mountaineer, Master in Economy, a lover of nature and a great humanist this young Carioca used his intellectual brightness for the realization of a human project.
He coexisted with different people, cultures, religions and landscapes. He lived and dealt with differences.
Motivated by love he would say that happiness was not only in our destiny but on our path for it.
He gave his body and soul in each experience. To and for many, he was enchanted.
This was his qualification for a Doctor’s degree in Social Politics at the University of California which was scheduled for September 2009.
However, by the end of his journey in this world, his last trek was concluded in Mount Mulanje, Malawi – Africa.
From the top of that beautiful mountain, in July of 2009, this Dream Engineer nestled among leaves to sleep and woke up for his larger project.
With God, up he departed leaving his beautiful message amongst men.


April 7, 2010

Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’1999


Rodrigo Lampreia (Carvalho)’99 is now producing his first solo CD, with music of his own.

Below is his testimonial on this great achievement!

“Depois de alguns anos como vocalista das bandas Bomburi (fundada ainda na British School em 1999), Chevette 77 e Guanabara Social Clube, Rodrigo Lampreia’99 está nos estúdios da Som Livre gravando seu primeiro disco solo e autoral. Rodrigo se formou em Administração pela PUC Rio, trabalhou em diversos lugares, entre eles o Mercado Financeiro e, há 2 anos, abandonou tudo para viver exclusivamente e profissionalmente de música. Após diversos shows no Rio, SP, MG e na Europa (Londres, Paris e Amsterdã), Rodrigo está gravando seu disco de estréia e já tem lançamento internacional em Maio em uma turnê pela Inglaterra (UK Tour). O disco está sendo gravado e será mixado por Alberto Vaz’95. A previsão de lançamento é para Junhde 2010.”


Rodrigo Lampreia’1999

Rodrigo Lampreia'1999 e Alberto Vaz'1995

Rodrigo Lampreia’1999 e Alberto Vaz’1995

April 7, 2010

Luiza Maria Barroso de Aguiar – Class of 2009


Luiza has been approved to join IBMEC/RJ and PUC-Rio for the International Relations course. She has also been offered places by the Royal Holloway University and University of Leeds, both in the UK.

She is currently at PUC-Rio, waiting for other replies from universities abroad and still considering moving next term.

In the words of her mother, Mrs Barroso: “Gostaria de parabenizar a escola pelo resultado no vestibular e desejo todo sucesso no ano novo que se inicia.”

We thank you for you support and for keeping us informed; and wish Luiza lots of success in whatever path she chooses.

Luiza Aguiar - Grande2

April 7, 2010

Daniel Cunha’1994 Back at TBS-RJ


On the 4th Dec 2009, Daniel Cunha, Class of 1994, visited the school at the Botafogo site. He met Mr Paul Wiseman, Mrs Adriana Nogueira de Andrade’94, and was part of a really nice assembly for Classes 3, 4 and 5.

He then wrote to us this beautiful letter which we would like to share with you all.

“Dear Paul,
Just writing to say it was great to see you, and even better that we had a chance to meet at the old grounds – it is always a very special experience to go back there, where literally every corner holds a good memory.
Also, thanks for the chance to sit in during the assembly, it was really great. I meant everything I said that day, and I guess I got a little emotional during my interventions, but the whole day really struck a very strong note for me. First, being there that day, it hit me that since a very early age our teachers were talking to us in very serious and mature terms about such important issues as the fundamental values that makes a good person in a great community. It sounds strange that kids of eleven would be talking about responsibility, attitude, teamwork and leadership. But looking back I remember very clearly how much we talked about these matters, in assembly, in class, at sports, and how seriously we took them since an early age.
A lot of remembering! But more importantly, following your presentation I was amazed by how deep those values settled into my conscience of what it is that makes a great person – it is by those very standards that I measure myself to this day. And there is no doubt that my years at The British School had the most profound effect on who I am as a person, second only to my immediate family. The reason I am going into this is that I have always looked back on the benefits I took away from those years in terms of the academic skills and capabilities, which undoubtedly gave me a strong edge in my future years, and shaped a curious and well informed mind. But that day I realized finally that the effect was much deeper and went far beyond skills – it really was about who I was to become, who I am, who I want to be, and how to choose the paths to get there. And, clearly, it was all part of the plan! Not having had any children yet, I have never really put much thought into what I expect from a school for my kids, beyond a good education. What, in fact, makes up a great education is a subject that is in many respects new ground for thought.
So I guess what I want to say, having acknowledged all this more clearly and completely over the past days, is a grand thank you to everybody who was a part of that period of my life, and a very special one to you, who put much of it all in motion and always strove to make sure that the school was a special environment in every respect. In between all the memories these last few days, I remember how much the school began to change since the first year of your tenure (quite a clear memory as I was part of the revolutionary committee that boldly took to the streets demanding for change at the British School! Remember?). I recall very clearly how much communication and respect within our community grew to become an essential element of the whole experience, in fact, how the sense of being a unique and strongly bonded community really came into place, and how the school continually raised the bar in terms of its goals and achievements, academic and otherwise. I was very happy to see that the tradition lives on and has reached new and exciting levels, that the drive to grow, expand and improve the school’s capabilities continues, and that the fundamental values that shape people are still the centrepiece of The British School experience.
So thank you, deeply and sincerely, and my congratulations to you and the entire staff, old and new, for such an important and well performed work, that has such a deep and lasting impact on those whose lives you touch. Please extend this message on my behalf to everybody else to whom it is due.
I wish you all a great end of year season, an excellent new year, and a happy inauguration of the new facilities at Botafogo (somewhat jealous I confess – how I would have loved to practice my basketball skills in that new court!).
All the best,
Daniel B. Carneiro da Cunha – Class of 1994″


April 7, 2010

Class of 1999 – 10 Year Reunion


Ten years have gone by and the Class of 1999, got together to celebrate their “10 Year Reunion”. They put together a great weekend with events in Rio and many alumni were present. On Friday, 18th of December, a cocktail was organised at The British School, Botafogo site. The Class of 1999 alumni; Mr Paul Wiseman, the School Director, and a few teachers joined in for an informal chat and lots of memories. A video was showed with photos and videos from the days in school, and a tour was done in the Chasman building, bringing back several memories. On Saturday, 19th December, they also organized a party at the Hotel Ipanema Plaza.  This was certainly a great celebration of the good old days in school.

Thank you Class of 1999! You make us all proud!

Frases e Memories:
“Que delicia nosso encontro, né? Da vontade de ter filhos logo para colocar na escola e reviver esses bons momentos novamente.” Marcos Carnier

2009-12-18 Class of 1999 10 Year Reunion (23)

 Class of 1999 Alumni (Graduates and Non-Graduates):

Amanda Motta
Ana Carolina Cueva
Antonio Cotrim
Beatrice Johnson
Bernardo Malfitano
Bernardo Rodenburg
Bruna Guerreiro
Bruno Ambar
Carlos de Barros Jorge-Neto
Cherry Cahu
Cristina Santos
Daniel Maldonado
Darke Mattos
Eric Marsden
Felippe Lara
Francisco Dantas
George Kassab
Gustavo Muniz
Isabela Berger Sacramento
Isabella Tanure
Jessica Graham
Joana Videira
João Rabello
Juliana Pimentel
Leandro Chichito
Leonardo Faraco
Liza Crissiuma Gershony
Marcia Cristina Lapo Guerreiro
Marcos Carnier
Maria Gabriella Seiler
Marina Castelo Branco
Mel Fernandes
Monica Penido Monteiro
Paola Burle
Patrícia Costa
Paula Einsfeld
Paulo Niemeyer Neto
Pedro Celso Smith
Rafael Grabowsky
Rafael M Vieira
Renata Leite Barbosa
Rodrigo Lampreia Carvalho
Rodrigo Marques
Sean Oram
Tatiana Falcão