June 3, 2009

Congratulations, Rafael Mellin’1996!


Former student Rafael Mellin’96 has won one more international prize. The peregrination of the surfer Pato, and his wife, Fabiana Nigol, and daughter, Isabela Nalu was transformed into a surf documentary which won the Saint-Jean-de-Luz Festical in France, in May 2009. “Nalu” can now also be seen as a TV documentary series in Multishow TV.  Once again, congratulations Rafael!

June 3, 2009

Krishna Llano Ribeiro visits the School


Krishna visited the school on February 13th 2009. She was a pupil at TBS from 1976 to 1987 and has great memories of those days. She has been living in Miami for over ten years now, and took the opportunity on a business trip to come and visit the School. Welcome back, Krishna!

Krishna Milano Visiting TBS!

June 3, 2009

1960′s Mini-Reunion… 40 years later!


A small group of alumni got together in January 2009 for what was for some, the first time since 1969. The occasion was the visit to Rio of Veronica Kraushaar (née Tarbutt, 1965-69), with her husband Curtis. Veronica had managed to make contact (initially thanks to the TAABS website), with Jenny Byers (née Marvin, 1961-69) which was already a feat, as they hadn’t seen each other since 1986. Jenny put her in touch with Victor Porter and Paul Delaney, both at TBS from 1964-69 and the reunion was born!

Sadly, Paul couldn’t make it in the end, but they roped in Elizabeth Wynn-Jones (née  Mill,1960-69), as she had been an “honorary” class mate, having been the only member of Class 8 (which didn’t really exist!), in 1969.* They all met at Jenny’s Teresopolis home where Victor took charge of the barbecue, while his wife Heloisa took charge of photography, with great results. The day was too short to catch up on 40 years and some of the group met up again the following night in Rio. Veronica runs a marketing company in Arizona – USA, specializing in the fresh food industry, and plans to be in Brazil more frequently on business in the future.

*In those days the school only went up to Class 7, and had about 250 pupils on the ground and first floor of the Cashman building, and in the Ribeiro dos Santos building which was opened in 1968.

The Way We Were – Prefects in 1968. Victor is second from the left. Liz is standing next to Mr. Martyn Gordon, Headmaster. Veronica is second from the right, standing, and Jenny is third from the right, standing.

The Way We Were – Prefects in 1968. Victor is second from the left. Liz is standing next to Mr. Martyn Gordon, Headmaster. Veronica is second from the right, standing, and Jenny is third from the right, standing.


Elizabeth Wynn-Jones (née  Mill,1960-69), Veronica Kraushaar (née Tarbutt, 1965-69), Victor Porter, Jenny Byers (née Marvin, 1961-69)

Elizabeth Wynn-Jones (née Mill,1960-69), Veronica Kraushaar (née Tarbutt, 1965-69), Victor Porter, Jenny Byers (née Marvin, 1961-69)

June 3, 2009

News from our Alumni – Class of 2008


The school is proud to announce that Rachel Steinitz’2008, who scored 42 in the IB, has been offered a place at Cambridge University – UK, to study Chemical Engineering.

Igor Tumasov’2008, who scored 40 in the IB, has sent in several pieces of news. He was offered a place at Georgetown, USA, where he currently waits for a response to his Financial Aid application. He was also offered a place at EmoryCollege, where he received a US$50,000 per annum Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship.  At the beginning of the year he wrote:


“Dear Mr Chris Blanch,

You said you’d open a bottle when you heard I got into college. Well, I got the first answer from Georgetown, USA, where I applied for early decision and I’m pleased to tell you that you can have a sip. I received an unconditional offer that congratulates me for my personal and academic excellence and offers me one of the first places in the freshman class of 2009. It’s  not definite yet, because it all depends on whether they give me a full scholarship (which I  am applying for), but I am extremely happy because Georgetown is considered to be, if not the best, then the second best place in the United States to study International Relations and Politics (competing with Princeton). It also has a beautiful campus in WashingtonDC, 10 minutes away from Capitol Hill. I would love to go there and it seems that I have a good chance to in getting the money I need, but I will only know for sure by the middle of February.

I want to thank you once again for everything and tell you that, for once in my life, I wish I was in Recuperação J, not just because of the cold weather here, but because you’ve helped create a wonderful school that gives all the opportunities necessary to get even to the most competitive universities in the world. I miss the great time I had there already. Just so you know, Georgetown accepts about 18% of applicants from 6200 applications a year and has a history of accepting only 2 or 3 students from Brazil (none from Ukraine, where I was born J). I am telling you this believing that I would be nowhere near those 18% of accepted students if it wasn’t for the opportunities I had in school. I am glad I knew that for two years now instead of taking it as a cliché statement and I will be proud to tell people where I came from, wherever I go.

I will write to you as soon as I hear from any other colleges or have any other good news about my future.
Thank you, once again.

Igor Tumasov’2008”

Igor Tumasov director of SC

On time – Igor has recently informed us that he applied for a place at Emory College through the Emory Scholars Program, together with his application for the International Relations course. From 2,500 applications he was among the 70 finalists who received an all-expenses paid trip to Atlanta for interviews over a 4-day period. Rather than just a financial scholarship, “the recipients (of the Emory Scholars Program) participate in enriched intellectual, cultural, and social programs throughout their college years. Distinguished members of the faculty serve as program directors and advisers, helping the scholars to plan and execute their activities and facilitating their access to the academic and cultural opportunities of the University and the city of Atlanta. The University is pledged to enhance the collegiate lives of these Emory Scholars in every possible way.”

The day after he got home from the trip, Igor received a phone call to inform him that he has been awarded one of the US$50,000 per annum Robert W. Woodruff Scholarships (named after a former CEO of the Coca-Cola Company). According to the university website “These scholarships are awarded to young men and women who have demonstrated qualities of forceful and unselfish character, intellectual and personal vigor, outstanding academic achievement, impressive skills in communication, significant leadership and creativity in school or community, and clear potential for enriching the lives of their contemporaries.” The scholarship will cover all his tuition fees as well as college accommodation and board.

Igor can now add this to his unconditional place at Georgetown – and is still waiting for the likes of Princeton, Stanford and Yale.


The British School is very proud of Igor’s and Rachel’s success and wishes them all the best in their future choices.

Congratulations, Igor and Rachel!