June 18, 2006

Pedro Seiler’1996 & Rafael Mellin’1996


Our Alumni Working with Chico Buarque!!!
Mrs Adriana Andrade, Development and Communications Officer

Pedro Seiler e Rafael Mellin Domingo JB

One of the main questions in our school, since our first I.B. class graduated in 1992, is here do our students go to? How do they continue to build their paths in life and develop their professions? Are they successful and happy in what they wish to be?

These and several others, are questions that unfortunately we cannot answer with certainty. We surely wish them all the best and put all of our efforts in our work in school to give them the basis they shall need to continue their path in life.

Nevertheless, sometimes we do hear from them, directly or indirectly…

On April 23rd 2006 the magazine “Domingo” of “Jornal do Brasil” had an article on the production of Chico Buarque’s new DVD. The famous Brazilian singer and composer had put together a masterpiece and to our delightful surprise, there they were: Pedro Seiler and Rafael Mellin (also known as Sael by his school friends).

Pedro Seiler, now Executive-producer at “Biscoito Fino”, graduated from The British School in 1996. He went into Business Administration at PUC-RJ and then got a Post Grad School Degree from FGV on Film and TV Executive Production. For this project Pedro participated in the negotiations to bring Chico Buarque to “Biscoito Fino”. The only thing he could not imagine was that the working atmosphere with the composer would be so informal.

Rafael Mellin, graduated at TBS in the same class as Pedro and also went to PUC-RJ but for a Communications Degree. Sael had been ‘in love’ with surfing since a young age, and his hobby and, once upon a time, vacation sport, has now become the basis of his profession. He is now producer, editor, ‘roteirista’ and videomaker for Surf Films. His movies have been internationally recognized and have won several prizes. In 2005, his movie “Samba Trance & Rock’n’Roll” was elected best film in the International Surf Film Festival of St Jean de Luz, France.

After almost 10 years since they left school, Sael and Pedro, have revived the ‘good old days’ of The British School, working together in the production of Chico Buarque’s DVD.

What a privilege to have had them as our students!